Built for it – why all this fuss for branding?

Built for it – why all this fuss for branding?

It is not uncommon to hear the phrase “Branding your business is important”. Creating a brand will help you stand out in your domain and help increase your sales and customers. If we look at the customer sales cycle from awareness, interest, desire, action and retention – a strong brand will for sure shorten the time in pushing the prospect from one stage to the other.

So what is a Brand?

A brand is much more than just a name or logo that you give your business. It is your identity, and a reflection of who you are, what you can offer, and how you offer it. It also helps establish credibility with future customers. If you earn a good reputation for your brand, you can break away from your competition.

Strategic branding will allow you to be more flexible and in control with the most important factors of business, namely pricing. When you have a good brand established, people are more likely to pay more for your services. This is because they believe your services will be more beneficial than other, lower priced options.


To meet this critical need the BUILT FOR IT campaign has been launched in India in December 2014. The campaign has been developed in collaboration with the global brand team, Caterpillar industry sales teams, industry marketing teams, DSD.

The challenge which fuelled this effort was the fact that the “brand awareness” for Cat and Caterpillar brands has not been great in rural and semi urban India specifically with our retail customers. The challenge has been awareness of our brand as well as appreciation of the Cat brand promise due to low awareness.

The intent behind the campaign is to improve the awareness and also correct the perceptions with respect to:

  • Association of Caterpillar with India and Indian customers and the role Caterpillar has played with the development of infrastructure in India
  • Caterpillar’s strength in offering the widest product range suitable for a small road work as well as supporting a large mine development
  • Appreciation of Cat product offer over long term utilisation built on higher productivity and quality and durability of machines



The communications developed capture and express the themes in three different formats.

The first burst in December is focused in Maharashtra which is one of the high opportunity/priority states recommended in Deloitte study (Win in India strategy project).

The media selection includes leading newspapers, business magazines, OOH and digital including websites and mobile platforms.

In addition to external communication, GMMCO has taken up several initiatives for internal communication to promote the brand and help make every employee a brand ambassador. Activities include Desktop wallpaper, Mouse Pad, Wall Posters, One way vision sticker, Flyers.

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