Caterpillar – world’s 58th best brand – brand advocacy

Caterpillar – world’s 58th best brand – brand advocacy

There are no second thoughts that every business wants to be on the top of customer’s mind and be their first choice. A focused approach to building and managing a brand plays a critical part in making that happen. In the current age the concept of a brand extends far beyond just a company logo to core values of a business and to every interaction with customers and suppliers.

Branding serves as the link between your product’s promise and the consumer’s desire. The goal is to express a set of basic principles that can be understood by everyone who comes in contact with your business – customers, financiers, employees, etc.

Customers and employees often build up emotional attachments to certain brands, resulting in strong loyalties and even a sense of ownership. This can help maintain employee motivation and increase sales – A strong brand can make a business stand out from the crowd, particularly in competitive markets.

Realizing the importance of this, Caterpillar and dealers around the world over observe the Brand Awareness week every year to drive down the strong caterpillar message within the large employee base. Gmmco observed the brand awareness week from 23rd to 27th of june across territories.


The brand awareness week was inaugurated at HQ by Mr.Tanmay Majumdar, Head – Construction Equipment Business. During his address he also shared with all employees present, that Caterpillar Ranked 58th among the World’s 100 Top Brands Mr.Geolson, Caterpillar Certified Brand Advocate, highlighted the importance of branding, the roles and responsibilities of every employee as a brand advocate, and building the CAT brand through team work to offer superior customer experience.


He also spoke on BUILT FOR IT and the significance of the GAF – Global Advertising Framework guidelines. A brand awareness desk was set up for educating employees on branding throughout the day. Our second certified brand advocate Mr. Vikram Sundar conducted tests and prizes were distributed to high scorers. Several people took up “The Cat Brand Experience” e-learning course. The respective marketing managers from the other SBUs Mr.Pratik, Mr. Aditya, Ms.Prachi organized this in their respective regions.

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