Emsolutions rolled out to customers

Emsolutions rolled out to customers

Gmmco rolled out EMSolutions (Cat® Equipment Management Solutions) by inviting local fleet owners in Chimakurthy (East), Raipur (North) and Hospet (South) on 19th December 2014, 10th March 2015 and 13th March 2015 respectively.


These events were used as a platform to explain to customers the “need for focus” on Equipment Management, which is vital in today’s competitive business environment. Gmmco explained the challenges being faced by customers in having skilled operators and maintenance staff to get optimum utilization and output from the current generation machines which have continuous technology upgradation.

Gmmco also explained that EMSolutions are intended to support customers to get maximum productivity from the fleet through consistency in the availability of machines. Experienced engineers and CDI operators from Gmmco will ensure the consistency of availability of machines through regular condition monitoring (PL data, SOS, TA1, TA2, CTS, CHS, Blow bye, Operating practices, Operating conditions, etc.), advising customers on preventive steps, planning of spares and fixing problems at an early stage so that repair cost and downtime can be minimized.



Gmmco explained the 5 levels of Technology Enabled EMSolutions which are tailor made suitable to all types of customers as per their site and establishment conditions.

Level 1: Access valuable information, enabling customers to improve equipment health, utilization and efficiency

Level 2: Inform customers how to use applications like scheduled Alerts, Reports and Maintenance reminders

Level 3: Advise customers how and when to maintain and repair equipment with CM services

Level 4: Support customers through better equipment maintenance, reducing downtime and operating costs

Level 5: Manage customer equipment maintenance & repair, reducing resource requirement and operating costs

The Gmmco PL Champions explained in detail through a live demo the advantages (mentioned below) of Product Link, how to accessthe information provided by the product, and how this information helps customers in maintaining good control over their fleetat different sites even while sitting in their office/focusing on their core business activity.


Many customers were excited to see their machines undergoing the live demo and appreciated the efforts taken by Gmmco in supporting customers.

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