Gmmco hosts marine dealer advisory meet (MDAT) 2015

Gmmco hosts marine dealer advisory meet (MDAT) 2015

Gmmco hosted the Marine Dealer Advisory Council this year in Chennai which was constituted with the vision to bring all marine expertise in Asia pacific region together, which would help in leveraging the combined experience and knowledge to develop and grow marine business in the world’s largest shipbuilding region


The council helps to:

  • Drive focus in Asia Pacific
  • Drive best practice at the highest level
  • Become a cornerstone of achievement

The first MDAT was started in the year 2005 which consisted of six dealerships. As the council celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, it is represented by ten dealerships. Gmmco came on-board in the year 2011.

The council has three functions:

  • Platform to communicate on all aspects of the marine strategy
  • Platform for “voice of the customer” in a consolidated format and to provide feedback on how the marine strategy works
  • Platform to communicate, collaborate, consolidate and share best practices

This council is well represented by senior personnel from Caterpillar Marine, CAT Finance, CAT Product Support Division, MaK, and senior officials from the dealerships.

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