Making of giants

Making of giants

In July 2011 Gmmco with Caterpillar undertook the prestigious project of Erection and Commissioning of some of the largest mining equipments at Reliance’s Sasan Coalmines site that included six 42CuM ERS, Fifty five 240 ton Diesel electric OHTs and two 61 CuM Dragline.

The key challenge in this project was to, for the first time, simultaneously erect two 4500 ton 8200 Draglines having 60Cum Bucket with 100m Boom. In September 2012 Gmmco started work on the erection of two of India’s biggest Draglines within a gap of four months.

The work includes more than 35tons of MIG weld deposit, coordinated mega lifting ranging 35 to 150 ton & as big as 33m X 27m roof structure, extensive structural work like Base/Revolving frame/fairlead/ tri-structure/100m Boom/roof, precise field machining, HT/LT electrical installation, flawless 8450 different size & length cable terminations, systematic commissioning process and extensive material handling .

The unmatched adherence to quality and quickly bringing back on track the project schedule, has helped entire assembly project to be on par with one of the best project completion timing. Re-do in structural welding was minimised to less than 2% instead of 100% UT against suggested 10% of weld joints and Radiography as per weld joint requirements.

Gmmco’s three hundred plus dedicated work force which includes engineers, supervisors, technician and support staff are doing a commendable job in making this project a great success. Several key components were completed much ahead of scheduled time such as – the Revolving Frame welding, finished in 80 days against scheduled 116 days and Cable termination duration in 100 days against the scheduled 240 days. What makes this even more commendable is that it has been executed against the backdrop of excellent man & material safety record with zero man hour & material handling losses in more than two million man hours of work completed.

In an admirable 25 months of assembly time, the first Dragline is ready to walk and the second will be ready by March 2015.



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