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APDSD’s President’s Gold Award Winner

Gmmco was named the winner of the prestigious APDSD’s President’s Gold Award for its project: Excellence in Service Training to Drive High Customer Engagement. Black Belt Mr. Sudhan Kumar delivered a stand-out presentation on the project, which captured the attention of the judges and inspired other dealers to consider replicating the successful project in their own markets.

Mr. Kumar said: “This project is strategically important to Gmmco and Caterpillar® as it focuses on people management and also customer engagement. We concentrated on developing service engineers and it has really paid off. I was thrilled to accept the Gold Award on behalf of Gmmco this year from APDSD Vice President, Jim Johnson.

“The project was launched soon after metrics revealed a significant opportunity for Gmmco to improve training levels in the organization.

The results from customer satisfaction surveys on Gmmco technicians’ ability to solve problems were analyzed to better understand the relationship between training and satisfaction. They showed that stronger skills resulted in higher satisfaction levels.

APDSD Presidents Awards

Baseline Performance and Goal:

  • The Gallup Customer Engagement Survey revealed that Gmmco’s service engineer quality and skills received a customer rating of 74%.
    • Goal: To achieve the highest customer rating on service engineer quality.
  • CVS IP score on Customer Operating training was 8/10.
    • Goal: To develop the best team of Caterpillar Certified Dealer Instructors (CDIs) to improve training.
  • Gmmco’s training capability did not meet Caterpillar standards, and the Learning Capability Assessment Tool (LCAT) audit score was 464/1000 – whereas the best in class training process rating receive a 900+ score.
    • Goal: To achieve a LCAT rating of 900+ and set the benchmark for dealerships.

To identify and address gaps and issues, Gmmco ran brainstorming sessions involving forty employees, to devise suitable solutions. A total of twenty-three solutions were implemented over a twelve-eighteen month period and directly benefited two hundred and thirty employees. Employees were offered training incentives ranging up to seventeen percent of their monthly salary, and engagement increased to ninety-one percent – an eight percent increase!

The project officially ended in August 2013 and delivered significant benefits. Gmmco witnessed a complete cultural transformation, evolving into a learning organization.

  • Gmmco became the first Caterpillar dealership in Asia to achieve the Service Training Excellence Accreditation Award, with an LCAT of 913.
  • Gmmco achieved the highest number of Certified Dealer Instructors in a Caterpillar dealership worldwide.
  • Perhaps most importantly, the project has translated into an additional USD $2.54 million in sales, as twenty percent of repeat customers said they purchased Cat products because of product support and a strong relationship with their dealer.

Customers benefited too:

  • The CVS-TS Service Quality Rating has increased from 7.4 to 8.9.
  • Gmmco was the first dealer to survey customers on the impact of Service Training on Service Quality and achieved a score of 9/10.
  • Eighty-one percent of survey participants reported notable improvements on productivity, fuel efficiency, safety and maintenance due to the operator training provided by CDIs.
  • A CVS IP customer satisfaction score of 8.9 was achieved on machine operation explanations by CDIs.

For more information on the project, click here (LINK TO STORYBOARD).

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