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Mr. B.D.Singh, Mumbai – Cat 320D Customer

Manesh Thomas

Mr. Manesh Thomas, Kerala

Success in quarrying relies heavily on the right kind of excavator, one that can withstand extremely tough applications. Nobody understands this better than Manesh Thomas, owner of Modern Rock Mining Industries.

"I started the quarry business in 1992 with Modern Rock Mining Industries. I purchased my first Cat® machine, the Cat 320C, in the year 2007," says Thomas.

Thomas has greatly expanded his business over the last 20 years. He now owns and operates five quarries in Kerala — Modern Rock Mining Industries (Pathanamthita), Kannamthanam & Co (Trivandrum, established 2005), Southern Granite Industries (Ranni, 2000), Southern Granite Industries (Tricandrum, 2000) and Karimala Granites & Aggregates Pvt. Ltd (Kottayam, 2006).

His fleet includes 16 320D hydraulic excavators, two 320D L, three 320D ME, three 320D HD, one 320C and a 424B backhoe loader.

The 320D is a 20-tonne to 21.5-tonne machine well suited for quarry work and construction applications, such as utility works, urban construction, demolition, water and sewage works and hire and rental markets. It is one of most versatile machines in the market.

D Series hydraulic excavators offer customers increased reliability, versatility, performance and comfort, combined with lower owning and operating costs. Increased hydraulic pressures provide excellent lifting capacity and increased drawbar pull and digging force, which create faster cycle times and superior productivity.

According to Thomas, important machine qualities include productivity, uptime and engine performance.

"Right from the time I bought the first Cat excavator, I have seen a significant increase in the productivity at the quarry site, which, in turn, improved my turnover. Subsequently, I bought Cat excavators for all applications that were tough and required high productivity and performance. It has worked splendidly for me."

Reliable machines minimize downtime and ensure low owning and operating costs. Features that ensure the reliability of the 320D include tougher, reinforced undercarriage recoil springs and a Cat engine with ACERT™ Technology, which increases engine reliability and durability by decreasing internal wear.

In addition, the engine in the 320D offers two power options. Standard power is recommended for extreme duty, hard digging applications, while economy power is recommended for lighter duty applications and optimizes fuel efficiency.

But the engine is only part of the 320D story.

"Our operator feels confident in using the 320D, especially in applications like overburden removals, which require stability and durability. In the truck-loading application where the rocks needed to be loaded onto a truck to be sent to the crusher, the 320D is highly productive and is able to meet the harshness of the application as well as the daily production demands."

Another great way to improve productivity is by reducing operator fatigue. Accordingly, the operator station is spacious, quiet and comfortable. "Operator comfort is the best and it has improved productivity significantly," says Thomas.

"The design of the bucket has improved the ease of operation in the various quarry applications and thereby maximized productivity," Thomas says. "I use the Cat excavator along with a hammer exclusively for the rock-breaker application since I feel that the build of the Cat machine is durable and is able to perform well in very tough applications."

Just as important, the 320D is a durable machine. "The first Cat excavator clocked 19,000 hours without any major complaint. The life expectancy of the Cat machine is 20,000 hours and the resale value is very good," says Thomas.

And the efficient Cat dealer system provides prompt service, thereby minimizing downtime.

"Gmmco conducts SOS test every 500 hours, and they inspect all Cat machines on a monthly basis. This has helped in achieving customer satisfaction and in the overall development of a good business relationship. Parts availability is good and the dealer branch is located close to our site."

Cat 320D excavators play a pivotal role in the success of Modern Rocks. Their strategic advantages influenced Manesh Thomas in choosing Cat excavators repeatedly, thereby making them a key ingredient of his growth story.