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Backhoe Loader 424B

Backhoe loaders are used for heavy-duty construction tasks. Small demolitions, light transportation of building materials, powering building equipment, digging holes/excavation, landscaping, breaking asphalt, and paving roads; these are all some of the extended tasks that the backhoe loaders are equipped for.

Superior hydraulics, robust construction and enhanced kinematics make the CAT 424B the best-in-class performer among loader backhoes. This caterpillar backhoe loader also adds 20% more fuel efficiency and one of the lowest operating and owning costs in backhoe.

A 76-hp turbocharged engine paired to a four-speed transmission provides increased functional movement to the backhoe. The loader includes a "banana boom" backhoe and a spacious and ergonomic cab equipped with low effort controls.

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Superior engine performance.
KOEL / 4R - 1040 T Turbo Charged
  • Powered by the 76 HP turbo-charged KOEL / 4R - 1040 engine.
  • The gear-driven, super-efficient water pump does away with both the belt requirement and risk!
  • Enjoy ambient temperatures even when operating in dusty environments thanks to the regionalized cooling system.
  • Highly secure engine mountings.
  • Keep working for long hours without requiring refills thanks to the diesel tanks with its 128 liter capacity.

Hydraulic System

Maximum forces are provided at all engine speeds thanks to the Cat Load Sensing Hydraulic System that adjusts flow and pressure to match the work demand.
Fitted with the efficient Variable Displacement Piston Pump and unique technology, the Cat 424B enjoys a longer lifespan.
  • No demand, no flow - the hydraulic system works only when it senses demand from the implement.
  • To ensure smooth and controlled operations, the system flow and demand are met at just the right moment.
  • The engine torque is best matched with system demand.
  • To ensure a lesser parasitic load on the engine, when there is no demand, the flow of hydraulic oil through the valves and circuits is non-continuous.
  • The enhanced life of the hydraulic oil improves component life, reduces downtime and lowers the operating cost due to reduced oil consumption.
  • With a refill capacity of only 71 litres as against the competition's 130 litres, the 424B's hydraulic system requires lesser oil replacement cost.
  • There is no stalling at low engine speeds and high hydraulic loads - the Anti-Stall feature takes care of that.

Operator Station

Spacious, ergonomic and comfortable operator station.
  • Well-positioned footsteps and wider doors on either side make it easier for the operator to enter the cabin.
  • Spacious cabin with extra seats to accommodate helpers.
  • Separate tool and utility boxes provide extra storage space.
  • Impact-resistant metallic cabin roof.
  • Stronger, customized metallic fenders.
  • Windscreen and door glasses feature commercially available H-beads for ease of service.
  • Excellent thermal comfort provided by the better-ventilated design and the added tiltable fan.
  • Provision for audio/music system for a relaxing break!
  • Find a rain shield in the partially protruded laminated glass rear opening window.
  • White background glazed-type gauges ensure better visibility during night operations.
  • Operating levers with ergonomic placement for safe and efficient operation.

Power Train

Power train with more reliability and enhanced durability.
The Caterpillar Power Shuttle transmission provides four speeds - forward and reverse. Change travel speed and direction on-the-go with the full synchromesh gears and hydraulically shifted forward and reverse shuttle clutches. A neutral start provision prevents starting while the shuttle is engaged.
Front Axle
The high strength Eliot-type front axle makes for a more reliable, more durable fabricated box section. Maintenance risk is reduced and machine uptime is enhanced due to the life-lubricated pivot bearing. Fully hydrostatic power steering makes maneuverability much easier. Shorter turning circle reduces cycle time and increases productivity.
Rear Axle
Heavy-duty rear axle with self-adjusting inboard breaks with break discs that are specially designed for extended service life. The provision of inspection plugs makes periodic inspection of brake disc condition possible.


Superior loader performance.
  • Durable and reliable lift-arm design with thicker circular torque tube, stronger welded joints and improved side and stiffener plate profiles provide excellent resistance to twisting loads.
  • Excellent forward visibility provided by the divergent, single-tilt lift arm.
  • Machine uptime increased and maintenance cost reduced due to the lesser number of linkages and lubrication points.
  • Return to dig system repositions loader bucket to dig position after dumping. This results in improved operator comfort and efficieny resulting in higher productivity.
  • Cabin glasses are protected from particle hits during loading applications due to the presence of deflector plates on both arms.
  • Lower turning cycle results in lesser cycle times and improved productivity during loading.


The efficient superstar.
  • Excellent operator visibility and more reach over obstacles thanks to the exclusive Cat excavator-style narrow boom design.
  • Strong and reliable heavy-duty boom-and-stick design via stronger joints.
  • 205-degree bucket rotation along with higher digging depth results in higher productivity.
  • Strong and reliable slide frame design through thick vertical stiffener plate.
  • Excavator type “+” pattern operating levers reduce operator fatigue and increase efficiency.
  • Flat face H-frame provides perfect clamping for slide frame.
  • Pioneered twin slew rams for quick and fast swing operation. Operator can set any engine rpm based on application.
  • Higher slide frame travel coupled with more reach covers a wider working area.


Ease of maintenance.
Maintenance and Service Points
  • Left-grouped check and fill points with flip open hood for easy access and service.
  • Battery box is located on the right side and is easily accessible from ground level.
  • Spin on hydraulic and transmission filters helps with ease of service and protects from oil contamination.
  • More machine time and lesser maintenace costs because of fewer lubrication points on the loader and the backhoe.
  • Cat exclusive life lubricated driveline and front axle pivot.
  • Non-metallic, non-corrosive hydraulic oil tank for efficient system operation.
  • Conveniently located indicator for easy inspection of the dual filter air cleaner's condition.

Work Tools

Cat Work Tools form the backbone of the 424B's unmatched versatility. Built for performance and durability, these tools deliver high productivity, long service and excellent value.
Backhoe Work Tools
  • Ditch Cleaning Bucket
  • Standard Duty Buckets
  • Heavy Duty Buckets
  • Hydraulic Hammer
  • Ripper Tooth
Loader Work Tools
  • Multi Purpose Bucket
  • General Purpose Bucket

Electrical System

Highly reliable electrical system.
Starting System
The 424B has a conventional 12-Volt electrical system and incorporates a key start system.
Monitoring System
Consists of monitor lights and an audible alarm that warns the operator of low engine oil pressure, high engine coolant temperature, improper alternator function and low brake fluid. A monitoring system test occurs on startup. A monitor lamp warns the operator when the parking brake is applied and with an audible alarm sounding when a travel direction is selected. Hazard flashers and a failed bulb warning system are standard. There are two turn signal indicators located on the dash.
Located on the side console are the fuel level, engine coolant temperature and converter temperature gauges. An electric service meter, tachometer and speedometer are par for the course.
Harnesses and Wiring
Cat harnesses are modular and the wires are color-coded and numbered to facilitate proper installation, assembly and servicing. Sealed connectors, terminals and locking blade connectors are used as harness terminations. Electrical connectors provide a positive locking system and rubber seals keep moisture out.

Customer Support

Exemplary support makes the difference.
Product Support
Nearly all parts are available at our dealer parts counters. Moreover, Cat dealers use computer networks to find in-stock parts to minimize machine downtime.
Machine Selection
Look before you leap! Make detailed comparisons of the machines under consideration before making a purchase. Cat dealers can provide near accurate estimates component life, preventive maintenance cost and the true cost of lost production.
Don't just look at the initial price. Factor in the financing options available as well as day-to-day operating costs. Also, look at the dealer services that can be included in the cost of the machine to yield lower equipment owning and operating costs over the long run.
Customer Support Agreements
There are a variety of product support agreements offered by Cat dealers; moreover, Cat dealers work with customers to develop plans that best meet their customers' specific needs. These plans can provide comprehensive investment protection by covering the entire machine, including attachments.
Improving operating techniques can boost your profits. Your Cat dealer has training videotapes, literature and other ideas that can help you increase productivity.
Maintenance Services
Cat dealers offer a range of maintenance services when you purchase a machine. These include repair option programs that guarantee the cost of repairs upfront and diagnostic programs such as S•O•SSM and Coolant Sampling and Technical Analysis that can help you avoid unscheduled repairs.
Repair, rebuild or replace? Make the right choice. Consult a Cat dealer.

Standard Equipment

Alarm backup
Air cleaner, dry type with precleanerand filter condition indicator
Alternator, 65-amp, 12 volt
Backhoe, 4854 mm dig depth, side-shift, excavator-style backhoe 2 lever control
Boom, transport lock
Brace, lift cylinder
Brakes, oil disc
Bucket, loader, general purpose - 1.0 m³
Bucket, backhoe - 0.23 m³
Cabin with fan
Electro-hydraulic slide frame, lock release
Engine enclosure
Fan, suction and fan guard
Fast reversing shuttle, all gears
Flashing hazard/signal lights
Front axle, pendulum mount
Front grill
Front headlights
Front windshield wiper
  • Coolant temperature
  • Fuel level
  • Tachometer
  • Hour meter
  • Torque convertor oil temperature
Ground line fuel fill with 128 L capacity
Grouser-style stabilizer shoes
High ambient cooling package
Hydraulic oil cooler
  • Air cleaner service
  • Brake on
  • Engine coolant
  • Hydraulic oil level sight gauge
  • Oil pressure
Instrument panel lights
Key start/stop system with auxiliary position
Left and right side door with lock
Lights, working (2 front, 2 rear)
Load sensing, variable flow system with axial piston pump
Mirrors, external (2)
KOEL / 4R - 1040 T Turbo Charged
Power steering, hydrostatic
Stabilizer controls
Seat with seat belt
Spin-on fuel, engine, hydraulic and transmission oil filters
Standard toolkit
Stop and tail lights (2)
Swing transport lock
Torque convertor
Throttles, hand and foot
Transmission, four-speed synchromesh
Transmission neutralizer switch
Warning horn, front electric
Water separator


Power - Net 67.0hp
Engine Model KOEL /4R - 1040 T Turbo Charged
Engine Displacement 244.09in3
Gross Power 76.0hp
Bore 4.13in
Stroke 4.72in


Operating Weight - Nominal 16953.53lb
Operating Weight - Maximum 16953.53lb

Operating Specifications - Backhoe

Dig Depth - Standard 15.93ft
Bucket Dig Force - Standard 11712.54lb
Stick Dig Force - Standard 7845.83lb
Reach from Swing Pivot 18.49ft
Loading Height 12.18ft
Loading Reach 5.72ft
Bucket Capacity - Standard 0.3yd3
Bucket Width - Standard 30.0in

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic Pump Capacity 36.72gal/min
Hydraulic System Pressure 3002.28psi
Type Closed-Center
Pump Type Variable Flow Axial-Piston

Operating Specifications - Loader

Lift Capacity @ Full Height 5326.36lb
Dump Height @ 45 degrees 8.64ft
Dig Depth 3.07in
Bucket Capacity - General Purpose 1.31yd3
Bucket Breakout Force - General Purpose 8745.07lb

Turning Circle: Wall-to-wall

Outside Front Wheels 26.57ft
Outside Widest Loader Bucket 35.43ft


Type Front Wheel
Power Steering Hydrostatic
Cylinder Bore 2.17in
Cylinder Stroke 9.65in
Cylinder Rod Diameter 1.18in


Forward - 1st 3.6mph
Forward - 2nd 5.78mph
Forward - 3rd 11.99mph
Forward - 4th 20.13mph
Reverse - 1st 3.6mph
Reverse - 2nd 5.78mph
Reverse - 3rd 11.99mph
Reverse - 4th 20.13mph

Service Refills

Hydraulic System 18.76gal
Cooling System 6.55gal
Fuel Tank 33.81gal
Engine with Oil Filter 2.64gal
Transmission 5.02gal
Rear Axle (includes planetary) 4.76gal
Hydraulic Tank 10.04gal


Standard Front Tubed, 9 x 16 - 16 PR
Standard Rear Tubed, 16.9 x 28 - 12 PR
Optional Rear (Heavy Duty) Tubed, 14 x 25 - 20 PR


Overall Transport Length 226.77in
Overall Length (loader on ground) 224.8in
Overall Transport Height 147.24in
Overall Width 94.33in
Height to Top of Cab 114.17in
Height to Top of Exhaust Stack 106.3in
Height to Loader Hinge Pin 20.08in
Ground Clearance 12.6in
Rear Axle Centerline to Front Grill 102.87in
Front Wheel Tread Gauge 70.08in
Rear Wheel Tread Gauge 67.48in
Wheel Base 82.68in
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