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Multipoint Efforts of One Team with a Common Dream

M/s. Keyem Engineering Enterprises was started in the year of 1996 by Mr.S. Ramachandran B.E and has been associated with Private as well as Government sector’s in executing various infrastructure developmental projects which includes Executing water supply, Under Ground sewerage Schemes, Irrigation projects, Water treatment plant, Sewerage Treatment Plant, Developmental works Like Road formation, Storm Water Drain etc.,

When we approached this customer first in 2015 for their requirement at a project work in Madurai, we lost the order to our prime competitor after a tough competition. It proved to be a costly loss as the requirement was for 4 machines. But in spite of the loss we managed to follow up with the customer and got an opportunity to meet their Managing Director Mr. Ramachandran S B.E.. During this meeting we happened to learn that he had some negative impressions about our machine. Though we offered application demo to allay these negative impressions the customer was not willing accept it. In a casual chat , we happened to know that he was from a place in Thanjavur dist. Our sales team at Thanjavur was immediately intimated and it was then our team came to know that one of the customer’s relative was known to, Rajinikanth, our sales engineer at Thanjavur. Our attempts to convince the customer with this contact also failed. At the same time during the course of these events, Seshadri, our cluster manager from Chennai had been frequenting the customer’s head office at Chennai for business opportunities. There came a silver lining out of the cloud as our team at Madurai identified that the customer had a rental requirement at their site at Theni for 3 months. Rajinikanth immediately supported this requirement by providing a Cat 424B from a customer and our sales team at Madurai, comprising of Balaji and Siva took this opportunity to explain and prove the machine’s performance and reliability and also explain the product support strength of GMMCO. The customer was now convinced about the superiority of the products and solutions. Finally, the customer gave us an order for 5 # of Cat 424B of which 2 were invoiced in May 2016 and the remaining would be billed in the next few months. The coordinated efforts of the teams at Madurai, Thanjavur& Chennai helped us win this order.Excellent team work…