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Caterpillar Group President and Mr C.K. Birla’s visit to Gmmco

Mr. Steven H. Wunning, Group President of Caterpillar, and Mr. C.K. Birla, Chairman, CK Birla Group, honored Gmmco by a visit to the Chennai premises on May 18, 2012.


Mr. Wunning was received by Mr. H. Jayaram, ED & CEO, Gmmco. After a meeting with senior management, wherein Mr. Wunning and Mr. Birla interacted with the senior management, the twosome were taken on a walk around the campus by Mr. Jayaram and Mr. R.K. Parwal, Executive Vice President (Finance & Systems), Gmmco.

While Mr. Deshkar and Mr. Natarajan explained operations and capabilities of Gmmco Chennai’s 5-star contamination-controlled workshop facility, Mr. Murali Krishnan presented the 4-star training facility and its infrastructure and talked of courses conducted and landmarks achieved.


After planting a sapling within the campus to mark the occasion, Mr. Wunning addressed all employees in a general meeting. In his speech, Mr. Steven H. Wunning said that he was very impressed by the facilities and the commitment of the people in Gmmco towards supporting Caterpillar products in India.

He said that the partnership between Gmmco and Caterpillar, which is 26 years old, has been outstanding based upon trust and strong personal relationships. It was pointed out by him that the phenomenal growth of Gmmco was 24 times in these 26 years. And the plans and strategies that Gmmco has in the pipeline to tap the opportunities in the Indian market will enable it to grow even more in the future. Mr Wunning identified a significant challenge in Gmmco’s territory, of selling and supporting the complete product line of Caterpillar ranging from backhoe loaders to mining trucks, hydraulic shovels and draglines to engines and gensets, unlike other dealers in other parts of the world where single products were sold to single customers. He made a special mention of the training center and its commitment to train service technicians which gave him a high level of confidence that Gmmco will provide excellent service and support to its customers.

He further added that the competitors may be able to design impressive products and may have impressive factories and machinery, but they will not be able to do what Gmmco does in terms of product support and building a relationship with customers.


In conclusion, Mr. Wunning said that Caterpillar was indebted to Gmmco and is proud of its accomplishments. “You have achieved a lot in these last 26 years, but this is just the beginning. I can hardly wait to see what you will achieve in 50 years,” he said.

Following Mr. Wunning’s talk, Mr. C.K. Birla addressed the audience. He focused on the mining division, which has always taken a prime place in Gmmco’s strategies. He said that he was happy to hear that Caterpillar was working on a strategy to tap this market where the opportunities were tremendous owing to the fact that India is the second-largest user of coal, third-largest producer of iron ore and second-largest producer of lead in the world. Further, he added that the opportunities for all Caterpillar equipment ranging from backhoe loaders to big mining trucks were tremendous with the way infrastructure was set to develop in the next 5-10 years. He expressed his confidence that Gmmco will become a billion dollar organization in the next three years and expressed satisfaction that systems were in place in Gmmco, under very good teams of committed people, and headed by Mr. H. Jayaram with his indomitable spirit, to take the organization far ahead in the future.