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Customer Meet at Rajahmundry

Gmmco East conducted a customer care meet in Rajahmudry on 27th October 2012, inviting important Back Hoe Loader customers from seven coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh. The event was graced by 104 participants representing 93 customers. Caterpillar(R) representatives Mr. P.Moorthy, Mr. Ragahvendra Reddy, Mr. Rajagopal and Mr. Neeraj took part in the event to address customer queries along with Gmmco’s team.The Meet served its purpose well with fruitful interactions with customers and trying to understanding gaps between customers’ expectations and our services.

Three customers, Mr. M.Pratap Reddy, Mr. P. Raghava and Mr. Gouri Shankar, who are repeated buyers of Cat(R) BHL since 2005 were honored by presenting them with silver mementos.

The occasion was also used for a key-handing over ceremony – keys were handed over to three customers of new BHLs, Mr. M. Naga Raju, Mr. B. Surya Chandra Rao and Mr. Suryadeva Sreenivas (who is a second time buyer within a year).


Mr. M. Prathap Reddy, a loyal BHL customer, being honored with a memento


Mr. P. Raghava, a loyal BHL customer, being honored with a memento


Interaction with customers


Team Caterpillar and Gmmco addressing the gathering


Handing over keys to their new BHLs to Mr. S. Sreenivas, Mr. M. Naga Raju and Mr. Suryachandra Rao