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Customer Meet in the Diamond District of Karnataka (Hospet)

With mining ban implications hovering over Karnataka for more than two years now, the worst hit area for iron ore mining is Hospet, which was once a diamond mine. The swiftly growing market had almost come to a standstill, when the government fortunately brought in a ray of hope that the mining ban would be lifted and activity could be partially restored. However, inflated diesel and maintenance costs, stringent government regulations and a ban on exports have all kept customer sentiment largely negative.

To restore this sentiment, and to help customers understand and appreciate that we can still conduct a profitable business in the region, a customer meet was arranged.

The main objectives of the meet were:

  • To reach out to all partially active customers and get them together under one roof
  • To create a forum for customers to discuss the need of the hour
  • To present our product Cat 320D2, and showcase its cutting-edge technology of the next generation-coupled with the benefits of the old generation
  • To educate customers on our improved economical and timely Parts and Service Support
  • To dispel all customer myths about our products and services

The event kicked off in a grand way with Mr. Krishna Hudedamani (Product Support Head, Karnataka) welcoming the gathering of over eighty attendees to the event. His address was followed by a brief Time Capsule by Mr. Sreekanth, reminding customers of how well Gmmco had bonded with them over the past seventeen years. Mr. Manveer presented our latest additions, Cat 320D2 and Cat 424B with the Auger & Breaker attachment. To add more information, Mr. Akbar provided a live demo of our Productlink technology, much to the delight of the audience! This was followed by a session addressed by Mr. Walikar, to educate the customers on our improved Parts and Service process.

Later, the customers took over center-stage. Fifteen customers shared their experiences one after the other, praising our strengths and helping us improve by identifying our shortfalls. The event closed with the customers appreciating a good meal at Hotel Royal Orchid.