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Mr. Devendra Jain, Bhopal – 320D Aficionado

Mr. Devendra Jain, Bhopal

High performance and unmatched service of Cat® machines have played a major role in the phenomenal growth of Dilip Buildcon Ltd. (DBL), in India. Within ten years the company's revenue has increased, on average, 100% annually making it one of the fastest growing construction companies in the world.

Bhopal based DBL, with accreditation from the IRQAO and ASCB(E), UK, is currently the largest private sector road-focused Engineering Procurement Construction Company in India, executing projects over Rs.6000 crore.

DBL is also the fastest growing infrastructure development company in India. Their infrastructure projects have included roads and bridges, water sanitation and sewage, power and telecom transmission towers, transmission lines, irrigation, industrial, commercial and residential buildings.

A broad fleet of earth-moving equipment plays a pivotal role in the success of DBL. Subcontracting is not part of the DBL business philosophy. The company takes great pride in the fact that all their construction projects are executed and completed on schedule; largely due to their world-class equipment inventory. Devendra Jain, Director at Dilip Buildcon explains, "In 2003 we began expanding our business by taking on several road infrastructure projects. We decided to buy top-of-the-line international brands," he said, "but utilize a single brand for each segment of machines. This would ensure quality service and simplify parts procurement," he says, "We now have a fleet of world renowned brand machines that enable us to complete our projects on time without compromising on quality."

DBL is adding to its equipment bank to meet their growing requirements of future projects. Jain says, "Caterpillar has been a trusted and reliable partner in our growth. Cat machines enable us to complete projects faster due to their high productivity and excellent service and support, helping us realize significant profits and phenomenal company growth," he says. DBL's association with Caterpillar began in 2006 when the company bought a few Cat graders and loaders for road projects. "We were very happy with the high performance levels and the timely service support provided by GMMCO," Jain says, "Whenever we expanded our fleet we chose Cat machines. We now have a total of 487 Cat machines in our fleet."

BDL's current inventory of Cat machines includes 157 Excavators, 97 Motor Graders, Dozers, Wheel Loaders, Backhoe Loaders, Soil Compactors and Piling Rigs

Productivity has Improved Tremendously One of Dilip Buildcon's current infrastructure development projects includes the four lane highway project between Budhani and Itarsi. The 40 km stretch is being executed with the help of ten Cat excavators. "Cat machines have excellent performance, high reliability and remarkable productivity as compared to other machines," says Saurabh Sinha, DBL's Workshop Manager. "The increased bucket size of the Cat 320D2 has enabled multiple functions and faster execution of projects. Our oldest machines have clocked more than 25,000 hours. They are still in peak working condition. We rarely experience premature failure," he says.

Maximizing machine uptime requires continuous care and maintenance. Mr. Jain says, "We share a very good association with GMMCO and Caterpillar. Together, we have done a lot of research, incorporating changes to suit our requirements so that the machines are used optimally in our projects. Operators have been regularly trained. Our productivity has improved tremendously, and this has helped us complete our projects on time," he says.

DBL decided to bolster its relationship with Caterpillar and GMMCO after thoughtful deliberation. "Our main criterion of machine selection is the after-sale-service network," says Jain, "We get excellent service and support from GMMCO. The past eight or nine years we have been buying many machines and GMMCO has continually provided us with excellent service in terms of operator training and maintenance. This has ensured maximum uptime and we have consistently completed our projects ahead of schedule. Machine productivity follows closely as the second most important criterion for selection," he says.

Maintaining a large fleet of Cat machines can be a daunting task. But with proper post-sale service provided by GMMCO, Cat machines at DBL have been performing in peak condition. "Total Solutions provided by GMMCO have helped us with excellent annual maintenance," Mr. Jain says, "Whenever we added new projects and our requirements increased, we conveyed our needs to the GMMCO team, and they 'chalked out' solutions to suit our requirements. They helped us by planning the type and number of machines to be bought at various intervals. They maintained uniform pricing for those machines throughout the year and gave us an annual maintenance contract that ensured our fleet was in peak condition at all times. This has increased machine uptime significantly," he said.

A benefit of working with Caterpillar and GMMCO includes Scheduled Oil Sampling (S·O·SSM) that maximizes machine uptime. Mr. Jain says, "With GMMCO's experienced maintenance team we get proper guidance; our workshop managers learn valuable methods of on-site maintenance and this interaction has helped us in developing a good rapport with each other. This synergy has led to an increase in our productivity," he says.

DBL is a satisfied customer and company director Devendra Jain reiterates his faith in Cat machines, "This year has been a good one in terms of business growth. We have taken up new projects in five states in South India and have placed an order for 500 more machines. This will be our largest fleet inventory increase, in a single year, in company history," Jain said.

With DBL's entry into water and other large scale infrastructure projects over the past ten years, BDL has steadily risen to become one of the largest and most respected infrastructure development companies in South Asia. Jain proclaims, "With our strong association with Caterpillar, we hope to rise further and experience exponential growth in the years to come."