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Inaugurate Marine Control System (MCS) India Dealer

On the 9th of December, 2013, Gmmco became the first Cat® dealer in India to inaugurate the Marine Control System (MCS)-Auto Maskin Training Aid at their 4 Star Learning Center at Chennai.

Since Caterpillar® has introduced Auto Maskin controllers in some of their marine engines, and will soon introduce them on the rest of their Marine products too, Gmmco has decided to roll out a new training program on these controllers to support these new age controllers in the field. The program is aimed at enhancing the configuring and troubleshooting skills of our Marine & Petroleum technicians through a newly developed MCS Training aid. This aid can also be used to train Government customers like Indian Coast Guard (ICG) and Indian Navy as well as global transient customers.

The MCS Training Aid which has been installed at a cost of Rs.1.3 Million, was jointly inaugurated by Mr. Samuel Jayakumar, Caterpillar, and Mr. Robinson Devaprasad, Executive Vice President – HR, Training & 6 Sigma.

Mr. Ravishekar, COO – PSG, Mr. Thiruchelvan, DGM – Marine, Mr. Durgadutta Ojha, DGM – EPD, Mr. V. Ravichandran, DGM – Projects, and Mr. Anil Kumar Ailawadhi, GM (Parts) were also present during the inauguration.

This addition will help Gmmco’s technicians to understand the new controllers and learn the repair skills required to work on such controllers. It will enhance the diagnostic capabilities of our marine technicians and enhance customer satisfaction in the process.

The first batch of engineers have already undergone successful training under our certified trainer.