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Oil & Gas

The philosophy that drives Caterpillar and Gmmco is that customers need solutions, not just products. And that specific industries need specific solutions.

Oil and Gas Industry Solutions

The Indian Oil and Gas Industry is estimated to be worth over US$120 Billion in the next 25 years. India is the 5th largest energy consumer in the world and predicted to become 4th by 2010. Oil and Gas constitutes over 40% of India’s premier energy consumption. Domestic production of crude is currently in the range of 32-34 MMT and natural gas production is in the range of 32 Billion Cu meters. India is the 6th largest crude consumer and 9th largest crude importer in the world. India has the 6th largest refining capacity in the world with capacity expected to increase to 140 MMTPA by 2007. The annual growth rate of demand for petroleum products is currently 4%. India’s demand for natural gas will triple b the year 2025. India’s registered GDP growth rate is 8.5% and is amongst the world’s fastest growing free market economy. With 100% FDI in E&P, refining, marketing, product pipelines, natural gas and LNG pipelines the opportunities for many global players to play a role in India are very large.

Gmmco’s role in the Oil and Gas Industry

Gmmco has been a very successful and important partner of ONGC in their E&P effort. Over 400 Caterpillar Engines owned by ONGC are supported by GMMCO and TIL, and so are over a 100 engines owned by private drilling contractors at any point in time in India. These are used on the most critical operations like Power Packs on Jack Up Rigs and Land Rigs, Emergency Gensets, Fire Water Pumps, Cranes, Well Servicing and many more. Gmmco’s engagement extends much beyond providing new engine solutions and runs deep into providing quality support to ensure high uptime of Caterpillar products.

Gmmco has scaled great heights by taking up ambitious projects involving in-situ replacement of Caterpillar D399 Engines with Caterpillar 3512B Engines. Our pursuit for excellence leads the partners to utilize the varied services offered by our 5 Star Certified Workshop facilities to encompass activities like Top, In-frame and Major Overhauls in the shortest possible time frame. Our ambition is to get engaged in each and every activity of the majors in the Oil and Gas Industry by offering them varied solutions to cater to Owner Customer needs. Our unstinted efforts have always been targeted towards delivering the full value of the Caterpillar product line and in doing so to ensure that the same is done at the lowest possible cost to owners.