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Key Handing-Over Ceremony of Rehabilitated Wheel Loader

A 950G Wheel Loader of M/s Vasavadatta Cement, Sedam, Karnataka, was rehabilitated by Team Gmmco, Nagpur, in January 2012. The machine (S. No.: AYS00558) had completed approximately 23,000 working hours.

The key handing-over ceremony of the completely rehabilitated Wheel Loader unit was conducted in the same month.




The success of this project is due to the product support team at Hospet and Gulbarga – Mr. Sangappa, Mr. Krishna, Mr. S. K. Walikar and Mr. Bhimashankar. All credit for getting a private customer’s machine rehabilitation order!

It was a true team effort, with Mr. S. Venkataraman taking charge of advance parts procurement and Mr. P. S. H. Bisen for allowing the key handing-over ceremony to take place at ISF Nagpur.




The actual machine rehabilitation was split into three tasks, each headed by a separate team. The teams were headed by Mr. Sanjay Chipde (transmission, T/C, front and rear axle), Mr. Vishal Falke (steering, tilt and lift cylinders), and Mr. Subash V. Thakre (complete machine rebuild).

During Mr. Bisen’s most recent visit to Nagpur on January 4 to organise ISF on January 28, the Vasavadatta Cement Mechanical VP, Mr. Venkatapaty Raju, was invited to Nagpur for the key handing-over ceremony. Though the completion of this task was scheduled for January 25, the stellar performance of all team members and excellent team work ensured closure of the task well in advance of that date.

Mr. V. P. Raju was extremely impressed to see that the machine was in “new shape”! He also said that he would rehabilitate standard 2021 payloader and 950H wheel loader at the MRC.



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