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Backhoe Loaders

What do you do when your equipment requirements range across digging, back-filling, trenching and material handling? Get a CAT Backhoe Loader, that fulfils all such functions of a premium backhoe loader!

With CAT Backhoe Loaders you can go from moving material and digging trenches to breaking up soil or hard surfaces quickly. Loader backhoes are built for greater reach, dump height, breakout force and pushing power. The specifications of our backhoe ensures superior performance that enables you to tackle more tasks in less time and ring in all jobs on time within your budget.

Supporting attachments make site prep, clean-up, material handling and finishing work even easier. This is an entire fleet in one single machine!

Choose from a wide range of CAT Backhoe Loaders to buy or rent from Gmmco - India's No. 1 Dealer for Caterpillar Machines.