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Operator Meet at Chandrapur, Chhattisgarh

Gmmco Raigarh conducted an Operators’ Meet at Chandrapur, Chhattisgarh on 10th June, 2013. Predominantly a commercial aggregate segment belt where more than 100 backhoe machines are in operation, Chandrapur is an area where Gmmco definitely aspires to get a strong foothold.

The Meet was conducted at Agarsen Bhawan at Chandrapur where a Cat 424B backhoe loader was on display for the operators to touch, feel and get a demo of.

A total of 33 Operators from various Crushers attended the Meet.

The Meet began with a brief introduction about Gmmco and Caterpillar, and a talk on their three decades of partnership.

It was followed by a detailed Cat 424B presentation which highlighted its features and advantages. Other aspects presented included: commercial knowledge-sharing and financing systems for purchasing the machine; general maintenance; daily checks; scheduled maintenance practices; and safety aspects in operation. The Gmmco team was in attendance to discuss all issues and answer queries.


An open-house as well as one-to-one discussions were held with Operators wherein their concerns about the Machine and our support services were addressed.


The Operators were then taken for a walk-around of the Machine when its key advantages were further explained.


By conducting this Meet, Gmmco hopes to increase product awareness and acceptance of the Cat 424B among the Operators of the area. Gmmco already runs an Operator Training Center at Chandrapur where it has successfully trained two batches already.