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Operator Meet at Coimbatore

Gmmco South organized an Operators’ Meet at Coimbatore on July 24, 2012, to familiarize operators of the region with operational techniques of the CAT 424B Backhoe Loader.

Held at Hotel Jenny’s Residency, a total of 140 Operators participated and benefited by the program.

Commencing with a welcome note by Mr. Krishna Kumar, COO, TD South, the event saw Mr. M.S. Kumar, BCP Division Head, talking to the Operators on the machine’s salient features and safety designs.



An Operator Training Plan was also announced at the event, which received overwhelming response.

A brisk Q&A session was chaired by Mr. Vijay and Mr. Raj Gopal, Caterpillar BCP Representatives.

The session concluded with a machine display and walk-around, followed by cocktails & dinner.

The Meet helped Operators appreciate the Machine better from the cabin comfort and safety angles, as well as from the points of view of productivity and overall benefits.

Mr. Ramesh Kumar (Sales Cluster Manager) and his team as well as Mr. Rajesh (PSM), Mr. Srinivasan (PS) and their teams planned and executed the event, as well as the earlier one at Pollachi, to perfection.