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Operators Meet at Hungund

Cat 424B BHL is increasing its share of the pie faster than ever before, however our customers are facing challenges in finding a skilled operator who can take proper care of their machine. To help our customers overcome this challenge, an Operators Meet was conducted at Hungund.

The main objectives of the Meet were to:

  • Provide detailed information on our product operation and maintenance, together with adequate literature
  • Teach attendees how to perform a walk-around inspection
  • Demonstrate the right Dozing, Loading and Excavating procedures
  • Improve the Operators™ skill
  • Educate the Operators, test their abilities and provide feedback
  • Give handy tips for a breakdown-free machine

Fifteen operators participated in the event and gained a wealth of knowledge about these topics, from Mr. Chinappa, Mr. S.K. Walikar, and the team.

Operators Meet at Hungund1
Operators Meet at Hungund2
Operators Meet at Hungund3
Operators Meet at Hungund4