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Used Equipment

Ask Gmmco for attractive Used Machine offers to avail of rugged Cat Machines at low prices.

As a responsible supplier of Cat products to customers across the spectrum, Gmmco offers solutions that cater to every budget and every need.

While New Machines are suitable for critical applications and serve as a long-term asset, not every application needs the total reliability of a new asset.

Used Machines are a great solution in applications where criticality is low but availability at site is necessary for longer durations through the year making even Rental solutions too expensive.

Gmmco offers its facilitation services to help both sides of used machine ownership: we help buy back machines from users where projects are complete and assets are idle, thus releasing frozen capital; and we help new buyers looking for cost-effective machines by selling them these used machines after a proper inspection and service at low prices.

Thus, Gmmco ensures staying with customers right through the product cycle: from purchase to disposal; and creating new customers and serving other needs in the process.

When should you consider Used Equipment?

When your site needs equipment to be available for over 200 days a year but Machine utilization at site is expected to be less than 2 hours a day, you could Buy Used machines; especially if your application is only of low importance.