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Why Cat Rental

Why Cat ® Rental

  • Young fleet – higher productivity and better reliability than aged equipment
  • Wide range of Cat products – all your requirements from one source
  • Domain expertise – better advice and consultancy for best-fit combinations
  • Certified Instructor Trained operators – to get the most out of each Cat Machine
  • Wide Product Support network – quick support in case you need it
  • Quality support staff – dependable and assured maintenance to ensure up-time
  • Reliable Equipment

    Yes, I want low-cost Rental solutions. But not at the cost of reliability!”

    More than the rental tariffs, it is the lack of reliability of aged rental equipment that ends up costing you much more. Not just by the way of unplanned expense, but worse – loss of production, loss of face with your customer, and possibly loss of future business as well.

    Try cost-effective rental solutions from The Cat® Rental Store

    Reliable EquipmentCat® Rental Equipment are tested and certified for reliable operation. Offering you maximum productivity and minimum downtime. They bring with them an assurance of performance. So they won’t let you down when you need them most!

  • One-stop shop

    “I look for ease of doing business with a one-source solution provider.”

    Most Rental equipment providers are either small players with limited assets or providers of specific assets alone. So you need to go to a number of them to complete your required set of Machines and Gensets. Resulting in headaches for you, incompatibilities amongst Machines, and erratic support.

    Try single-window Cat® Rental solutions

    One-stop shopThe Cat® Rental Store offers you what is probably the widest range of Machines and Gensets in the Rental market in the country today, all under one roof. So you don’t need to run pillar to post. What’s more, our trained support staff will help you select the best assets for your needs.

  • Quick response

    “I need speedy response at all times from my Rental provider.”

    Most Rental equipment providers are located only in the metros or in towns that are far from your site of operation. Resulting in delays in getting your needs addressed, or in assets being delivered to your site. Not to speak of slow response to repair calls, affecting your productivity and bottomline.

  • Dependable support

    “I want quality products. Backed by dependable product support!”

    Experience tells you that while unreliable Machines or Engines can slow your business down, poor or negligent product support can bring your work to a total halt. What you need is a combination of quality product and world-class product support. Sadly, not many Rental equipment providers offer you both.

    Try Cat® Rental solutions

    Dependable supportCat® Machines and Engines are known world-wide for their robustness, ruggedness and high quality. And Cat Rental assets are known for their low average age and well-maintained condition. Add our Cat-trained Product Support Technicians and Operators for the Rental fleet serving you from over 200 establishments across India, and you have expert support when you need it, where you need it. So if you’re looking for Rental solutions that promise quality products and dependable support, consider Cat Rental.