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Contamination Control

Gmmco’s state-of-the-art contamination control certified Workshops ensure that we provide world-class facilities and services to our customers.

Contamination ControlFluid systems in Engines, Fuel Systems, Hydraulics, Transmissions and Final Drives, which are regularly disassembled and worked upon at Gmmco’s Workshops, are extremely sensitive to contamination. Contaminated fluid systems reduce efficiency and cycle times, shorten component and fluid life and may lead to catastrophic failure and costly downtime and repairs.Even while Gmmco encourages customers therefore to ensure contamination-free maintenance practices and premises in the field, Gmmco’s own Workshops are the epitome of contamination-free environments.

Small wonder then that Caterpillar has awarded the 5 Star Contamination Control Certification to Gmmco’s Nagpur Workshop, and the 4 Star Contamination Control Certification to the Chennai Workshop, both being among the very few recipients of this stringent certification in the region.

Contamination ControlCaterpillar’s Contamination Control Certification does not come easy. It follows an exhaustive audit by Caterpillar and covers the entire facility including Component Receipt and Wash Pad Areas, the Dismantling Bays, Reusable Parts Storages, Transmission Test Benches, Hose Tool Rooms, Assembly Bays, Workshop Manager’s Offices, Tool Rooms and Parts Warehouses.

What this means to customers is a totally clean service, store and repair environment for their precious Machines and Engines when sent to Gmmco Workshops for repair and rebuild. It also means the use of contamination-free components and fluids during repairs. All told, it means longer component life, better Machine/Generator performance, and lower running costs.

Exceptional features in Gmmco’s Workshops include the epoxy flooring in the Assembly Bay, Hose Tool Room and the Workshop Manager’s Office, and the installation of the fume exhaust stack for the hose assembly cutoff saw in the Hose Tool Room.

Contamination Control certification not only benefits Gmmco and our customers, but benefits society at large too by reducing hazardous waste further, reducing material waste, increasing efficiency and productivity, and lowering costs of repair.

The Processes at Work

Every component and machine before entering the workshop is taken to the wash pad which is equipped with high pressure Hot & Cold soap solution washers and pedestal washer to clean the muck and oil out of the equipments and assemblies.

The cleaned assemblies are then taken to the Pit and Grill where the disassembly takes place. The disassembled components are then cleaned and taken into the assembly bay.

Contamination ControlThe assembly bay is sealed with PVC strip curtains to control entry of dust. No wheeled equipments which are used outside are allowed to enter into the assembly bay. Usable parts are neatly shrink-wrapped and stored properly till they are required at assembly bay. The parts storage shelves are protected with plastic covers. Epoxy coated flooring in assembly bay reflects dirt and trash and are cleaned by the efficient house-keeping team.All hoses and tubes are cleaned with a hose-cleaning gun prior to assembly. Dedicated solvent cleaning stands are provided in the FIP room and assembly area. The mineral oil used in solvent cleaning stands that is used for final cleaning prior to assembly are subject to particle count test periodically to ensure that the cleaning oils meet ISO specs of cleanliness. If they exceed ISO levels on particle count, these fluids are passed through the Kidney Loop Filter cart till they pass the spec, if not the fluids are changed. Dedicated kidney loop carts are provided at the FIP Room, the Transmission Test Bench and at the Engine Dyno room.

Contamination ControlThe fresh oil for engines, prior to testing, is kidney looped, tested for particle count and only then used on conformance of particle test specs.

The customer return parts found unserviceable are stored outside in designated areas and not kept in the assembly bay.

Every air tap point of compressor is fitted with a moisture ejector. The equipments inside and outside the facility are under maintenance contract to ensure proper functioning.

The Warehouse which feeds parts also requires to be free from contaminants. Oil barrels are protected with plastic covers to protect against sun and rain.

All hoses and tubes are capped and critical components are shrink wrapped.

All these steps ensure a high level of contamination control, authenticated by Caterpillar’s audit and certification.