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Equipment Management Solutions

Improve Your Margins: Equipment Management is the Way To Go

Construction industry professionals, like you, work hard to meet the challenges of up-and-down business cycles. These days, more companies are bidding for fewer jobs, capital costs are rising, and skilled operators are in short supply.

One way to overcome these pressures is through effective equipment management. New technologies can transform your equipment data into a powerful management tool for reducing costs, creating efficiencies and improving profitability.

Cat® EMSolutions (Equipment Management Solutions) puts the latest technologies to work for your business, offering specialized advice and easy-to-use targeted services. By optimizing your equipment data, you can make well-informed and timely equipment management decisions that can help you control costs, improve operations, manage people and reduce risk.

What Is Equipment Management?

Effective equipment management is pretty simple. Use your equipment data and monitor performance to attain the maximum amount of work for the lowest possible cost. It’s the same for one machine or multi-fleet operations – how well you manage directly affects your bottom line.

Four key factors of a successful equipment management system:

  • Machine Performance. Optimize your machine systems to maximize productivity and reduce operating costs.
  • Machine Health. Properly maintained equipment spends less time in the shop and performs more reliably.
  • Planned Maintenance and Repairs. Following a recommended maintenance program helps you identify and fix small problems before major failures occur. It can also reduce unscheduled downtime and avoid production disruptions.
  • Safety and Security. Strict monitoring of equipment data can lower the risk of accidents, while carefully tracking machine locations and usage prevents theft and unauthorized use.

Traditionally, equipment management data has been collected and stored on checklists, spreadsheets or in mental notes. Often these methods are tedious to perform and costly in terms of time and errors. With Cat® EMSolutions, you get the facts you need to manage your equipment for maximum value.

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Technology Makes it Simple: VisionLink®

Technologies built into today’s construction equipment make it easy to gather accurate, near real-time information about your equipment. With advanced VisionLink software, there’s no more manual data collection and number crunching. You can access your electronic equipment data remotely, online or on your mobile device, including information about equipment location, when it’s due for preventive maintenance, potential problems and operator performance.

Advanced VisionLink software delivers more than the numbers – it automatically analyzes your data to give you the information you need to make better decisions, faster.