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Field Support

Gmmco offers you product support in the field wherever you are through our widespread network of over a hundred establishments across our territory.

Field Support from Gmmco is offered through dedicated service teams in every branch across our territory, one each for Machines and Engines. Each team comprises well trained Customer Support Engineers and Service Mechanics and is headed by a Product Support Manager responsible for ensuring services with regard Pre-Delivery Inspection, Erection & Commissioning, Warranty Services, Maintenance Services, Troubleshooting and Re-commissioning of equipments and engines.

Each branch is well equipped with Service Vehicles, Diagnostic and Special Tools and required Service Manuals and Parts Catalogs. Gmmco imparts refresher training courses on a regular basis to their Customer Support Engineers and Mechanics so that they remain cutting-edge and provide better value to customers.

Contracted Field Support is offered through various Customer Support Agreements (CSAs) that are tailored to your needs. CSAs can take the form of:

  • Repair Options
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs)

    Gmmco offers Annual Maintenance Contracts covering a number of pre-determined visits in one year. During each visit, Gmmco’s Customer Service Engineer inspects the machine, records operating parameters with special tools and reports on the health of the machine/genset. After the study, the CSE gives his recommendations in terms of maintenance as well as parts to be stocked for trouble-free operation.

  • Custom Hydraulic Service (CHS)

    Gmmco’s Custom Hydraulic Service is designed to enhance the life of hydraulic components of equipments. The service includes: Audit of hydraulic system performance like Cycle Time, Drift Rates and Pump flow, Particle count for metallic and non metallic particles, Use of Kidney Loop filtration system to control oil contamination

  • Custom Track Service (CTS)

    Gmmco’s Custom Track Service provides you with an effective management of Under Carriage components. Under this support program, our CSE visits the site and inspects the under carriage at regular intervals and measures the wear of track bushings, links, rollers, idlers and grousers. Based on the underfoot condition and application, our CSE schedules the intervals of CST checks and carries them out within the scheduled timelines. At 100% wear customers have the opportunity of salvaging the components to get another life.

  • Maintenance and Repair Contracts (MARCs)

    MARC is the best service option for managing a large fleet of equipment. Customers can entrust the maintenance and repair activities to Gmmco and operate the machines at fixed cost and concentrate on their core competencies. MARC provides Fixed hourly operating cost, Guaranteed machine availability, Maintenance & Spares, Lubricants , S.O.S, Repairs & Overhauls, Maintenance Management Function

  • Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Agreements

    Gmmco offers Operation and Maintenance Contract (O&M) for Genset customers which guarantees Specific Fuel Consumption, Availability of parts and service, Power generation and also ensures Service by experienced technician, Lower O&M cost through predictive maintenance

  • Preventive Maintenance Contracts (PMCs)

    Customers who do not want to bother with stocking of consumables and who do not want to worry about their Preventive Maintenance, opt for Gmmco’s Preventive Maintenance Contract. Under this contract, our Customer Support Engineers come along with required Filters and Fluids for the particular Preventive Maintenance and carry out the PM as per schedule. Cut opening of used filters and Drain plug inspections are very critical aspects in terms of Condition Monitoring practice. S.O.S is also a part of the PM Contract.

  • Technical Audits

    Gmmco offers a comprehensive inspection process to improve the reliability of Machines and Gensets. Our Customer Support Engineers audit each equipment systemwise with CAT Special and diagnostic tools. The process includes System-wise audit on Equipments, Catching minor problems which could end into major repair, and rectifying them, Scheduling Repairs and controlling costly downtime. Customers get the benefit of knowing the condition of machine and what could be their cash outflow in next 12 months with respect to repairs and overhauls.

  • Total Maintenance & Repair (TM&R) Contracts

    Each Total Maintenance & Repair (TM&R) contract is custom made to suit your requirement, provides all maintenance and repairs for a guaranteed cost (one Flat Rate) for the expected utilization hours. We take care of All scheduled maintenances with spares, Fluid & filter changes, S O S oil sampling, Coolant sampling, Condition Monitoring of the Engines, Breakdown repairs for minor & major failures if any, Repair history and record maintenance, Genset and Control Panel, and even Operation can be included as required.

Please contact us for more details on our value-added CSAs or for any other type of field assistance.