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Gmmco offers you the complete range of original spares, parts and kits from Caterpillar at competitive prices. Result: You buy more than just parts. You buy yourself reliability. You buy yourself productivity. And you buy yourself peace of mind.

Parts Gmmco caters to customers’ parts requirements through Parts Stores located at most of our offices across our territory. These Parts Stores have on-line wide area network connectivity with each other as well as with Caterpillar and operate on Dealer Business System (DBS), a Caterpillar ERP software.

Gmmco’s current parts service levels are 90% for stock parts and 65% for overall parts, carrying an inventory worth Rs 100 Crore.

Original Caterpillar parts and consumables stocked include Filters, Fluids, Ground Engaging Tools, Hydraulics, Power Train and Undercarriage, besides others.

To ensure no contamination of these sensitive spares by way of dirt or dust , Gmmco’s Parts Stores practice contamination control methods and many of them are certified accordingly after strict audit by Caterpillar.

Gmmco also offers customized kits to suit specific needs under one part number, for example, System Repair Kits such as Steering, Hydraulic, Brake, Pneumatic or Rehabilitation Kits or Engine Overhaul Kits, Transmission Overhaul Kits or any other kit that customers may need.
Please contact us for specific needs, pricing and availability.