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Gmmco’s state-of-the-art contamination control certified Workshops ensure that our product support extends beyond field service to major overhauls.

State-of-the-art Workshops

Gmmco’s product support extends beyond field service. We maintain fully equipped state-of-the-art Workshop facilities at Nagpur and Chennai to cater to major services such as:

  • Engine Overhauls
  • Track Link Bush Rotation
  • Transmission/TC Overhauls
  • Fuel Injection Pumps & Nozzles Overhauls
  • Rehabilitation Services

Since these assemblies are highly susceptible to contamination both in the air and in materials used in their service, repair and maintenance, the environment in both Workshops is maintained to stringent contamination control standards. This attention to detail has won both Workshops Contamination Control Certification of the highest levels from Caterpillar themselves.

The Nagpur facility is centrally located to support the needs of the coal and mining companies in the area as well as to support the construction and EPG product population in Western & Central India.

The Chennai facility supports our sizable machine and engine population in the southern states.

Both workshops are equipped with special purpose assembly stands and tools, along with specialty equipment such as Engine Dyno, Hydraulic Test Bench, Fuel Injection Test Bench, and Hydraulic Track Press to undertake overhauls of Engines, Transmissions, Torque Converters, Fuel Injection Pumps, and Hydraulic Components, as well as track link bush rotation jobs and rebuilding of construction machines.