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Successful Installation by Petroleum Power Division – Product Support

Gmmco has successfully deployed the first Condition-Based Monitoring system at the offshore installation of Vision Drilling. This is the first offshore rig outside North America and second in the world with condition-based monitoring. The Jack-Up Rig is located off the Mumbai coast.

Five units of 3516 diesel engines are installed at the facility.

This will be the first time, globally, that Gmmco will monitor the 3500 series diesel engines using condition-based monitoring service (for Global Petroleum) with vibration monitoring in this service. With this step, we have reached the third level of maturity in deployment of this service. Gmmco has also developed its capabilities to procure all the material and performed at-site installation (with support available on call).

Team Gmmco (Mr. Balaji Kannan, Mr. Satheesh, Mr. Sivaprasad and Mr. Sethupathi) along with Team Caterpillar (Mr. Sourav Mitra, Territory Manager Product Support, Caterpillar AP and Mr. Chaitanya V. Adabala, Cat Electronics) have worked hard to resolve all the issues. The perseverance, composure and creativity of both teams made this possible.

Caterpillar Global Petroleum Asia Pacific (GPAP) acknowledged the hard work put in to achieve this milestone. Mr. Mark Kingsley, General Manager (GPAP), presented the team with a memento to commemorate the successful installation of the condition-based monitoring system, during the closure of the India Petroleum Strategy meeting in Bangalore.

Condition Based Monitoring