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Used JRN02512 Cat 424B Backhoe Loader for Sale

JRN02512 Cat 424B Backhoe Loader

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  • Superior hydraulics, robust construction and enhanced kinematics make the CAT 424B the best−in−class performer among loader backhoes. This caterpillar backhoe loader also adds 20% more fuel efficiency and one of the lowest operating and owning costs in backhoe.

    A 76−hp turbocharged engine paired to a four−speed transmission provides increased functional movement to the backhoe. The loader includes a "banana boom" backhoe and a spacious and ergonomic cab equipped with low effort controls.

    ENGINE: KOEL / 4R − 1040 T Turbo Charged, Powered by the 76 HP turbo−charged KOEL / 4R − 1040 engine. HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: Cat Load Sensing Hydraulic System that adjusts flow and pressure to match the work demand. OPERATOR STATION: Spacious, ergonomic and comfortable operator station. POWER TRAIN: Power train with more reliability and enhanced durability. LOADER: Durable and reliable lift−arm design with thicker circular torque tube, stronger welded joints and improved side and stiffener plate, excellent forward visibility provided by the divergent, single−tilt lift arm, machine uptime increased and maintenance cost reduced, Lower turning cycle results in lesser cycle times. BACKHOE: exclusive Cat excavator−style narrow boom design, Strong and reliable heavy−duty boom−and−stick design via stronger joints, 205−degree bucket rotation along with higher digging depth results in higher productivity, Strong and reliable slide frame design through thick vertical stiffener plate, Excavator type “+” pattern operating levers reduce operator fatigue and increase efficiency, Flat face H−frame provides perfect clamping for slide frame, Pioneered twin slew rams for quick and fast swing operation, Higher slide frame travel coupled with more reach covers a wider working area. SERVICEABILITY: Left−grouped check and fill points with flip open hood, Left−grouped check and fill points with flip open hood, Spin on hydraulic and transmission filters, More machine time and lesser maintenace costs because of fewer lubrication points on the loader and the backhoe, Cat exclusive life lubricated driveline and front axle pivot, Non−metallic, non−corrosive hydraulic oil tank for efficient system operation, Conveniently located indicator


    •Alarm backup

    •Air cleaner, dry type with precleanerand filter condition indicator

    •Alternator, 65−amp, 12 volt

    •Backhoe, 4854 mm dig depth, side−shift, excavator−style backhoe 2 lever


    •Boom, transport lock

    •Brace, lift cylinder

    •Brakes, oil disc

    •Bucket, loader, general purpose − 1.0 m3

    •Bucket, backhoe − 0.23 m3

    •Cabin with fan

    •Electro−hydraulic slide frame, lock release

    •Engine enclosure

    •Fan, suction and fan guard

    •Fast reversing shuttle, all gears

    •Flashing hazard/signal lights

    •Front axle, pendulum mount

    •Front grill

    •Front headlights

    •Instrument panel lights

    •Key start/stop system with auxiliary position

    •Left and right side door with lock

    •Lights, working (2 front, 2 rear)

    •Load sensing, variable flow system with axial piston pump

    •Mirrors, external (2)

    •KOEL / 4R − 1040 T Turbo Charged

    •Power steering, hydrostatic

    •Stabilizer controls

    •Seat with seat belt

    •Spin−on fuel, engine, hydraulic and transmission oil filters

    •Standard toolkit

    •Stop and tail lights (2)

    •Swing transport lock

    •Torque convertor

    •Throttles, hand and foot

    •Transmission, four−speed synchromesh

    •Transmission neutralizer switch

    •Warning horn, front electric

    •Water separator


    •Power − Net 67.0hp

    •Engine Model KOEL /4R − 1040 T Turbo Charged

    •Engine Displacement 244.09in3

    •Gross Power 76.0hp

    •Bore 4.13in

    •Operating Weight − Nominal 16953.53lb

    •Operating Weight − Maximum 16953.53lb

    •Dig Depth − Standard 15.93ft

    •Bucket Dig Force − Standard 11712.54lb

    •Stick Dig Force − Standard 7845.83lb

    •Reach from Swing Pivot 18.49ft

    •Loading Height 12.18ft

    •Loading Reach 5.72ft

    •Bucket Capacity − Standard 0.3yd3

    •Bucket Width − Standard 30.0in


    •Hydraulic Pump Capacity 36.72gal/min

    •Hydraulic System Pressure 3002.28psi

    •Type Closed−Center

    •Pump Type Variable Flow Axial−Piston


    •Lift Capacity @ Full Height 5326.36lb

    •Dump Height @ 45 degrees 8.64ft

    •Dig Depth 3.07in

    •Bucket Capacity − General Purpose 1.31yd3

    •Bucket Breakout Force − General Purpose 8745.07lb

    •Outside Front Wheels 26.57ft

    •Outside Widest Loader Bucket 35.43ft

    •Type Front Wheel

    •Power Steering Hydrostatic

    •Cylinder Bore 2.17in

    •Cylinder Stroke 9.65in

    •Cylinder Rod Diameter 1.18in

    •Forward − 1st 3.6mph

    •Forward − 2nd 5.78mph

    •Forward − 3rd 11.99mph

    •Forward − 4th 20.13mph

    •Reverse − 1st 3.6mph

    •Reverse − 2nd 5.78mph

    •Reverse − 3rd 11.99mph

    •Reverse − 4th 20.13mph

    •Hydraulic System 18.76gal

    •Cooling System 6.55gal

    •Fuel Tank 33.81gal

    •Engine with Oil Filter 2.64gal

    •Transmission 5.02gal

    •Rear Axle (includes planetary) 4.76gal

    •Hydraulic Tank 10.04gal

    •Standard Front Tubed, 9 x 16 − 16 PR

    •Standard Rear Tubed, 16.9 x 28 − 12 PR

    •Optional Rear (Heavy Duty) Tubed, 14 x 25 − 20 PR

    •Overall Transport Length 226.77in

    •Overall Length (loader on ground) 224.8in

    •Overall Transport Height 147.24in

    •Overall Width 94.33in

    •Height to Top of Cab 114.17in

    •Height to Top of Exhaust Stack 106.3in

    •Height to Loader Hinge Pin 20.08in

    •Ground Clearance 12.6in

    •Rear Axle Centerline to Front Grill 102.87in

    •Front Wheel Tread Gauge 70.08in

    •Rear Wheel Tread Gauge 67.48in

    •Wheel Base 82.68in

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