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Buy Used L3Z00242 HM 2021D Wheel Loader

L3Z00242 HM 2021D Wheel Loader

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  • Hindustan 2021 Wheel Loader has been serving the Indian customers for over four decades and has earned the reputation of being the most reliable machine in the industry. It has been the market leader in the three−tonne category and has become a generic name for small wheel loaders.

    Experience improved fuel efficiency with an optimized power train. The new Ashok Leyland, Bharat Stage III, 6 cylinder inline turbo−charged, after−cooled diesel engine gives better fuel efficiency and optimised performance. The complete power train system has been redesigned and customized to meet the Hindustan 2021D working requirements and provides the reliability and durability that customers need.
    Move more with quick loading Performance Series Buckets and optimized Z–bar linkage that significantly improve productivity. Customers will experience high fill factors and reduced fuel consumption per unit of material handled. Optimized steering hydraulics and less wheel turns significantly reduce operator effort. Optimized structures with increased lift height facilitates faster and easier loading. Performance Series Buckets provide better fill factors and material retention. Best in class design of fluid filtration integrated circuits results in extended service intervals (hydraulic oil and filter changeover periods are doubled). The implement joystick is designed as single lever, which provides smooth and efficient control of the machine during application. Large mechanical doors provide excellent access for daily service of engine and cooling system components. Conveniently located hand operated parking brake adds to safety.
    Have a seat in the 2021D Wheel Loader and enjoy, low sound levels, all around visibility and smooth joystick controls. Custom designed seat with wrap around lumbar support and reclining back for operator rest periods. The spacious cab and wide platform at the top make the transition from cab to ground easy, safe and comfortable. The controls and displays have been designed to be adjustable and within reach of all sizes of operators. Ergonomically placed grab rails, handles and steps allow the operator to have three point contact for safe entry and exit from the machine. Two rear working lights add to better visibility in low light conditions and night operations. One internal and two external rear view mirrors enhance rear visibility.
    A complete range of optional equipment gives the versatility to configure the 2021D Wheel Loader to make customers successful in their businesses. Among the multiple factors that help reduce fuel consumption and operating costs are the patented Cat Performance Series Buckets. Performance Buckets utilize a system approach that balances bucket shape, linkage design, weight, lift and tilt capacity. The results are improved bucket load ability, higher fill factor, better material retention and shorter loading time. Higher lift arm with additional 120mm dump clearance provides easier and faster truck and wagon loading. There are several options available to suit customer requirements like HVAC cab, Load Monitoring System, windshield guard and DGMS Kit.


    •Make & Model Ashok Leyland / H6ETIC3RU23

    •Type 4 Stroke, 6 Cylinder, water cooled, turbo with charged air cooler

    •Gross Power 98kW (133 hp) @ 2300 rpm

    •Max Torque 475 Nm @ 1600 − 1800 rpm

    •Make Avtec –TT2221−1

    •Type Powershift transmission with mechanically actuated hydraulic control

    •Travelling speed Forward : 1st Gear 7.0 kmph; 2nd Gear 25.8 kmph

    •Reverse : 1st Gear 9.5 kmph

    •Type 4WD with Conventional heavy duty differential with planetary hub reduction

    •Rear axle oscillation +/− 11 deg

    •Standard size 14.00 x 25 : 20 PR E3/L3

    •Service brake 4Wheel air actuated brakes with separate circuit for front & rear

    •Parking brake Mechanically expanding shoe brake mounted at transmission output shaft

    •Emergency brake Uses Service brake. Applies automatically under low air pressure and can also be applied manually

    •Tandem gear pump,Two spool hydraulic control valve

    •Loader control Single lever, Hydraulic joy stick

    •Lift arm operation Raise, hold, lower & float

    •Bucket operations Rollback, hold & dump

    •Loader system pressure 213 bar
    Steering system pressure 160 bar

    •Spacious, Ergonomic and comfortable cab with low sound level and all around visibility is the standard features for all machines. HVAC Option available.


    •System includes 55A alternator, automatic voltage regulator and 2 x 12V, 130 ampere−hour batteries


    •Fuel Tank 181 L

    •Cooling System 24 L

    •Engine crankcase 16 L

    •Transmission 41 L

    •Front Axle Oil 20 L

    •Rear Axle Oil 20 L

    •Hydraulic tank oil (Full system) 90 L (135L)
    − Dimensions listed are configured with standard and heavy counterweights, 80 kg (176 lb) operator and 14.00 x 25 : 20 PR E3/L3 tires at a recommended pressure of 3.8 bar (55 psi) in the front tires and 3.1 bar (45 psi) in the rear tires.

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