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FG Wilson Diesel Generator


More than just power. It’s a statement.


As a subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc.’s product portfolio, FG Wilson generator sets are trusted to provide power in over 150 countries across critical applications such as hospitals, airports, data centers, telecommunication networks as well as residential properties and factories.

Founded in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1966, FG Wilson quickly grew to become one of the largest generator set manufacturers globally. With manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Brazil, India and China, FG Wilson has the capacity to produce over 130,000 generator sets per annum. Designed to meet local legislative requirements for both emissions and noise levels, the range provides outstanding value for money by guaranteeing maximum efficiency and productivity.


Gmmco’s experience of over 30 years in the energy and alternate power segment has helped us carve a niche in product expertise. We also offer world-class after sales service through our 100+ branches supported by our strong and knowledgeable product support team.

We give end-to-end solutions throughout the life cycle of your generator set – right from the initial assessment of your power needs to the implementation of the proposed solution, round the clock service and technical back up and support.

  • Why should you buy an FG Wilson Diesel Generator Set?

    • Environmentally friendly, supports CPCB II norms and uses fumes free engine
    • Durable, robust and weather resistant
    • Aesthetically designed – Light weight, compact; Silencer is placed inside the engine, thereby enhancing the generator set’s look
    • Fuel efficient
    • Good load acceptance and super silent
    • Enclosure adheres to CPCB II norms and has lower NVH levels.
  • How often do I have to service my engine?

    FG Wilson is easy to maintain. It offers you a higher maintenance interval of 500 hours with a lube oil consumption of only 0.1%. Moreover, you have your local dealer as a single point of contact for all your service related requirements.

  • Is it economical?

    Yes it is. FG Wilson’s large scale of operations helps us deliver units that are well within your budget. Moreover, both the fuel and lube oil consumption of the product are the best in its class.

  • Am I protected?

    You are covered under warranty for 2 years or 5000 operational hours from the date of commissioning.

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  • Noise- meets CPCB II noise level certified by ARAI
  • Aesthetically designed, light, compact and weather resistant.
  • Inflammable
  • Insulation confirms to UL94-HF1 class for flammability


  • Low emission, high efficiency engines
  • Greener engine – Meets CPCB II emission norms – Certified by ARAI
  • Meets BS 5514/ISO 3046 / ISO 8528 – Power rating standards
  • Better fuel consumption and less lubrication oil replacement when compared with competitor products in its class
  • Highly efficient


  • Highly efficient conversion of mechanical to electrical power
  • Withstands harmonic disturbances

Display Parameters indicate

  • Battery voltage
  • Current fuel level
  • Oil pressure
  • Engine’s total run hours

Alarm and trip indications indicate

  • Over speeding of the engine
  • Low oil pressure and high coolant temperature
  • Water in fuel
  • Engine’s common faults/emergency stop