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IMT (Industria Meccanica Trivelle) S.R.L, founded in 1974, is a leader in the manufacture of hydraulic piling and drilling rigs. With a global presence spanning over 30 countries, IMT has come to be recognized for the quality of its products and the promptness and efficiency of its service. Gmmco has entered into a pan-India partnership with IMT for the marketing, sales and after-sales support of its piling rigs. Gmmco, with its HQ at Chennai and branch locations at Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata and Dehli, has positioned service engineers / technicians trained by IMT at sites close to customer locations.

Gmmco also offers state-of-the-art facilities at strategic locations for major repairs and for the refurbishment of IMT drills to factory standards.

Contacts Details

Head Office:

GMMCO Limited, Allied Business

#6, GST Road, St. Thomas Mount

Chennai – 600016

Tamil Nadu, India

Land Line - +91 44 3068 6499/ 3068 6000

Direct Line- +91 44 3068 6074

Mobile: Sales: +91 9789091252

Product Support : + 91 9500058102

GMMCO Hyderabad : + 91 8008102620

GMMCO Mumbai : + 91 9004995193

GMMCO Kolkata : + 91 7358774081

GMMCO Delhi : + 91 7814046404

  • Drilling attachement built of high-strength steel
  • Reinforced base frame
  • Patented Interlocking Kelly
  • Caterpillar or Cummins diesel engine
  • Heavy duty undercarriage with hydraulically extendable tracks
  • Advanced hydraulic system to exploit all the engine power for rotary or main winch
  • Articulated parallelogram allows accurate positioning of the tool without moving the machine
  • Faster positioning on jobsite
  • Advanced winch hydraulic control with a free flow system, down the hole system that prevents winch rope break and unintentional unwinding of the rope
  • Faster working cycle
  • A-frame is mounted on all the model of IMT rigs and it allows a better verticality of the kelly bar (and consequently of the pile) during the drilling phase
Long Life and Reliability

Long Life and Reliability

  • Simplicity in manufacturing
  • Use of very high quality components and checks for every part before assembly
  • All machines are submitted to a strict regimen of tests before leaving the factory
Safety Features

Safety Features

  • Rear camera and additional camera that allow the operator to get a 360⁰ view around the machine
  • It is possible to easily stop the machine in an emergency
  • Boom micro-switch helps prevent the machine from going over the stability limit
  • Main and auxiliary winch micro-switches
  • Safe and easy access to the main components of the base
Interlocking Kelly Bar

Interlocking Kelly Bar

  • Allows for the use of the maximum rotary crowd force and torque along the entire length of the Kelly Bar
  • High productivity even on the hardest kinds of soils
  • Can be pulled up during the extraction phase with the main winch and the rotary
  • Higher pulling force


  • IMT also supplies a wide range of tools and accessories to be used with the rigs; these can vary according to the typology of soil and to the kind of technology used to carry out the job.
  • High Flexibility for changing from standard configuration to Crowd Winch or CFA or Diaphragm wall Grab within short time by change of few components

The current IMT product range is composed of the following 3 product lines:

  • “AF” product line on CAT base
  • Special drilling attachment for anti-seismic piles
  • "A" product line on IMT base
Sale of brand new piling rigs
AF - 125 AF - 300
A - 140 AF - 350
A - 215 AF - 460
A - 270

Sale of accessories and drill tools

  • Kelly Bars
  • Diaphragm Wall Kits
  • CFA kits
  • Crowd Winch kits
  • Vibroflotation kits
  • Soil Augers
  • Rock Augers
  • Double Bottom Soil Buckets
  • Double Bottom Rock Buckets
  • Core Barrels

Sale of spare parts

Inspection and assessment of parts

Annual service contracts

Repair of major aggregates

Complete refurbishment of the rig