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Kroll Cranes

Kroll Cranes A/S, a member of the Muhibbah Engeering Group, has over 40 years experience in tower crane design and manufacture, and is the leader in the heavy duty crane sector. Tower cranes are mainly used in infrastructure projects, dams, sea ports, high-rise buildings, and other such projects. Kroll is the world leader in this field, delivering cranes for heavy construction, shipyards, nuclear power plants and other specialized areas.

In 1978, Kroll designed and manufactured the world’s largest tower crane, the K-10000, which was used for the construction of nuclear power plants. 15 of these units were delivered in total. In the late 1980s, Kroll designed a 25,000tm crane with a maximum load of 400t and 200t capacity at the maximum radius of 100m for the power plant sector. Such a crane has never been built before.

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