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A Milestone in Gmmco Power's Training Campaign...

Group photo with all participants

In March 2013, Gmmco Power hosted a landmark event – Perkins Asia Pacific Training. This is the first time a Perkins distributor in India has ever hosted APD Training.

Gmmco Power took up the task and made a grand success of the event, which was held at Gmmco Learning Center.

Perkins Training Guild – UK sent in experienced Training Consultant Nathan Hill to conduct training on the 4000 Series engine. Technical Managers and engineers from Distributors all over the Asia Pacific region gathered at Gmmco to undergo training.

Classroom training as well as hands-on training was performed for five days from 18-22 March 2013.

The appreciation and positive feedback received from participants and Perkins alike was astounding. Here are some of the warm words of praise from Perkins authorities:

“Please pass my appreciation to the team – thanks for stepping up and taking this on.”

– Jaz Gill
Director, Sales and Distribution
(IPSD Asia Pacific)

“Gmmco went above and beyond to ensure the comfort of the attendees.”

– Mathew Wong
Perkins Engines (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
Distribution Development Manager

“I wanted to add my sincerest thanks for an excellently organised Training course. My feeling was that Gmmco went above and beyond to ensure this event was very successful and they showed a dedication to assist the whole Perkins family in their success.”

– Nathan Hill
Product Training Consultant
Perkins Product Training | Learning Centre | Peterborough

Gmmco Power is committed to the Perkins Business and is happy to contribute in all aspects towards the development and success of the Perkins Brand in India.

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