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Microgrid Solutions

Leverage the power of a connected solution through

Energy Efficiency

Increased energy efficiency with no reliance on the grid and optimal total cost of ownership.

Efficient power

Efficient power that can be produced where and when it is needed without transmission lines and transformer losses.

High performance

High performance, scalable system designed and built using standardized building blocks that are easy and quick to install even in challenging environments.

Why Solar Energy? 

Cost per unit of power

Cost per unit of power

The cost of procurement, when spread over potential power generating capacity, ensures an effective cost per kWh that is significantly lower than the tariff charged by power distribution centres across most parts of India. 

Maintenance Cost

Maintenance Cost

When compared to other alternate forms/means of generating power, solar panels ensure minimal maintenance cost. To a large extent, such costs are restricted to those incurred in cleaning the panels with water

Return on Investment

Return on Investment

The cost of procuring solar panels has now become economical. You can earn back your investment in the form of savings in power generation within a span of 3-4 years*.

*May vary based on local tariff

Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

Since there are no emissions as a result of the operation of Solar Panels, this source of energy is environmentally friendly.

Abundance of Fuel

Abundance of Fuel

Solar energy uses the light emitted from the sun as fuel, which is in abundance. 

  • Reliable and fully dispatchable Generator Sets
  • Cheaper (free) energy source – Bright sunshine for over 300 days a year
  • Stabilization, Power conditioning: Energy Storage
  • Technology Enabled Solution – State of the art controls and remote monitoring
  • Minimal maintenance/Breakdown cost due to fewer mechanical parts

With a proven technology, you also need a proven supplier. That’s where Gmmco stands out in the market. There are very few dealers with the depth of knowledge and experience as we have. With Gmmco, you can be rest assured of world-class customer service, and a partner who can act as your single point of contact for an end-to-end integrated solution.

  • Over 30 years of experience as power solution providers
  • Trusted by over 11000 customers
  • Extensive product support capabilities
  • Financial stability - turnover of over Rs. 3500 Crores
  • Technical expertise in the field of power generation
  • Single Point of contact 
 Solar Panel installation

Scope Of Installation

  • Rooftop


  • Ground Mount

    Ground Mount

  • Parking Illustration