3 Ways to Increase Revenue with your Cat 216B3 Skid Steer Loader

Posted on: August 12, 2022



For your business to soar high, the ultimate objective is to generate revenue and profitability. Coming up with different ways to generate revenue can often be a bit of a challenge in the construction business. For a heavy equipment owner, the scope of work is often limited by the equipment owned. If the same owner owns a Cat 216B3 Skid Steer Loader, new opportunities come forth which leads to more business. Here are three ways to generate more revenue using the Cat 216B3 Skid Steer Loader.

1. Reduce labor cost, save time, and improve productivity:
Manual Labour is often on the pricey end and working through the hassle of getting things organized can be quite taxing. In recent surveys, it was found that the owners of Cat Skid Steer Loaders have reduced their labour costs considerably without any compromise on productivity or time. There was an increase in productivity in a lesser time duration. Saving time and costs are key parameters for any business. Listen to business owners and their experiences with the Cat 216B3 Skid Steer Loader

2. Earn steady income even in the off-season:
Every industry passes through phases where there is a fluctuating demand due to various factors such as projects, location, or even climate. The versatility of the Cat 216B3 Skid Steer Loader empowers you to participate in other types of work even though the segment or type of work might be different from each other. This enables a business to find work opportunities even during the off-season and maintain a steady income. For example, if your business focuses on work loading/ unloading sand in building foundations and the project has stalled, the same machine with an Auger attachment can be used to drill holes for planting electric poles or long fences.

3. Expand your business without CAPEX:
Entering a new segment can be exciting but also a big challenge. There could be new investments required in equipment or a skilled workforce. With the Cat 216B3 Skid Steer Loader, the doors of possibility open when you just change the work tools of the machine. The same operator and the machine can be used. And the switch between work tools just takes a minute! For example, when the Skid Steer uses a bucket attachment for loading sand on a building construction site, the same machine can work in an entirely different application moving wooden boxes in a factory warehouse by just changing the bucket attachment to a Forklift. The versatility of the Skid Steer enables the business to participate in different segments such as sugar, brick, agriculture, general construction, waste management, material handling, and more. Learn more about the Cat 216B3 Skid Steer Loader