Customer Care Meet @ Chennai on May 07, 2015

Posted on: June 19, 2015


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As yet another step towards cementing GMMCO-Customer relationship in South SBU, Chennai-Product support team organized a “Customer care meet” at Chennai on May 07, 2015 and successfully cherished the customer relationship.

The gathering witnessed 150 reps from 80 customers from various segments like Construction, Port handling, Granite, Local contractors etc..

The event kicked off grandly with Mr. P.U Bhaskar Rao (Product Support Manager-Chennai) welcomed the gathering, followed by Mr.P.Moorthy (Service Tech Representative-BCP) from cat who addressed about Caterpillar’s evolution into construction & Earth moving industry and shared their core values as well.

The event also gave an opportunity to Gmmco and Caterpillar to listen to the voice of customers and find the gaps between “what we deliver and what customers perceive

Further to which Mr.R.Muralikrishnan (AGM-Product Support) from GMMCO presented a detailed insight about GMMCOs Significance & core strength in Product support and reminded customers on how CAT-GMMCO had bonded so well with them for this many years

The Intent of the meet was to

  • Create a forum for customers to discuss about the need of the hour.
  • Educate about our improved economical and timely “Parts & Service Support”

Showcased available filter kits, O-ring kit and & GET kits at the event reception.

Mr.P.Baskarudu (GM-Product Support) shared his valuable inputs by quoting a few real time examples where customers had largely benefited in their business.

The event was graced by Mr.PSH Bisen (AVP, PS&RU) , Mr. Rajesh Rangiah (AGM-Service Marketing) and officials from CAT Mr.Kanwaldeep Singh Bhogal (Senior Manager-Service Operations), Mr. Thanupillai (Product Service Engineer-Excavation Division) & Mr. Manoj (Regional Product Manager-Excavation Division)

The event closed with customer experiencing a memorable day with Gmmco & CAT Team cherishing food & beverages arranged by us at Hotel Bhimaas. Post navigation