Gmmco wins an APDS award for the fourth year in a row

Posted on: June 18, 2015



A French fairy tale about a beautiful and gentle young woman who is taken to live with a man-beast in return for a good deed the Beast did for her father. Beauty is kind to the well-mannered Beast but pines for her family until the Beast allows her to visit them. Once home, Beauty delays her return until she hears that the Beast is dying without her. She returns to the Beast and brings him back to health. When she agrees to marry him, the evil spell upon him is broken, and he becomes a handsome prince. Beauty and her prince live happily ever after.

Gmmco has won the Customer Experience Award for the project “Drive BHLPS Growth and Customer Engagement through Process & Technology”. What makes this all the more special is that this is the fourth consecutive year we have won the APDS President’s Award. We won the Silver Award in 201..