GmmcoCat Rental Blog

Posted on: February 6, 2023



The popular saying ‘stay positive’ was put to the test during the two excruciatingly long years of pandemic. While many questioned its relevance, we at Gmmco, decided to channelize our energy into creating positive outcomes, and as a result, make a positive impact in the lives of our customers.

Multiple waves of pandemic had caused multi-fold challenges; including severe financial constraints. Our customers were unable to purchase the new equipment they needed to keep their business running. The issue, if left unresolved, threatened to cast a cloud of uncertainty over the industry. At this critical juncture, the R&UE team at Gmmco stepped in as a solution provider – offering a range of rental and used machinery with warranty under CCU.

It’s said that extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Recognizing this; we started providing high-value equipment too, such as dozers, motor graders, and large hex, under our rental offering; thus ensuring that our customers could complete their jobs on time and within budget.

Fast forward to the present, our R&UE team has now deployed machines for various applications such as port operations, iron ore and coal open-pit mining, and airport development. It is matter of pride to see these machines play a key role in building critical infrastructure for the nation.

At Gmmco CAT Rental, we are committed to providing customised solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. We have built a Customer Service culture around the ideal “Happy to Help” and this reflects in the world-class service, our team consistently provides. No surprises that we have created countless positive experiences for our customers.