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Posted on: June 18, 2015


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Mahavir Group is one of our most esteemed customers in Bilaspur /Anuppur/Katni area. Started in 1988, the group has grown leaps and bounds in the last 27 years. Mahavir Group is a leading conglomerate in India, undertaking various business activities like Coal Trading, Construction, Steel Manufacturing, Transportation, Marble Mining & Production, Thermal Power Plants and Dental & Engineering Colleges to name a few.

Beginning in 1988 with their first investment in HM2021, the machine has delivered value in making them a repeat customer of HM2021 several times over. With an ever growing fleet which stands at 50 machines, Mahavir group have repeatedly exhibited their satisfaction in using HM2021 for their business. What makes this relationship even more stronger is that, the group has been with us through transition phases, when our machines have undergone a technical transition and now owning a fleet of 23 machines that are fitted with KOEL engines, is a strong case study on how 2021 has emerged stronger than ever before in delivering enhanced customer experience.

In addition to this Mahavir group have also been strong evangelists of using ONLY CAT genuine parts and Gmmco’s service personnel for all their machines to ensure top performance and long life.

Headed by Mr.Vinod Jain – MD & CEO, The various companies under the Mahavir group include:

  • Mahavir Multitrade Private Limited
  • Mahavir Global Coal Limited
  • Mahavir Benefication Private Limited
  • Mahavir Coal Corporation
  • Mahavir Energy & Coal Benefication Limited
  • Mahavir Coal Washery Private Limited
  • Jain Transport Corporation

We take this opportunity to thank Mahavir Group for such a long association and for trusting in us through thick and thin and giving us the opportunity to serve them.