Employee Value Proposition

We believe that our people are our competitive advantage. We therefore offer rewarding and fulfilling careers to those who are talented.

We demonstrate strong bias towards actions contributing to business growth and profitability, leading to the prosperity of our employees.

We invest in enhancing the capabilities of our people, and accelerate the growth curve of young professional who have the desire to learn.

We are a team of highly-engaged professionals who consciously fosters a fair & friendly work place where people want to perform, and grow with the company.

We believe in equal opportunity, and consciously promote the richness of diversity & inclusion at our work place.

Our Culture Statement

Our employees demonstrate a high level of commitment to deliver products and services on time with a passion for excellence.

We ensure excellence in customer experience, because our customers are our most important partners in sustainable business growth.

Our leaders collectively demonstrate leadership styles and competencies to create a climate an atmosphere of high engagement and performance.

We promote high integrity with high ethical standards.

Leaders Speak

Different People. Different Beliefs.
One Goal.

We believe in diversity because we know everybody is unique - in their capabilities, in their lookout and in their working styles.

At Gmmco, we are proud of this diversity and we include their opinions and ideas to shape the future of the organization. This commitment to diversity and inclusion is an integral part of our work culture.

Enabling Diversity and Inclusion

Gmmco, CK Birla Company, is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion at the workplace as an integral part of our culture.

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we ensure zero-tolerance to discrimination in employment. Selection for employment is on the basis of merit, without any bias based on gender, social background, physical disability, marital status, age or any such factors.

It is our endeavour to ensure that compensation, career growth and all other employment related advancements and rewards are on merit and free of any discrimination and bias.

We expect all our employees to adhere to the CK Birla Group values at the workplace and we have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of discrimination or harassment.

We respect unique talents, experiences and viewpoints of employees and encouraged different perspectives to achieve excellence and enable our company to make positive changes at our work place.

We also follow similar principles of diversity and inclusion as above in our dealings with all other stakeholders.

Gmmco's vision is to improve the gender diversity significantly to achieve at least 20% women at leadership levels by the year 2020.

Extended maternity leave and baby care

Formulated to give expectant mothers an additional 12 weeks extended maternity and baby care leave above the normally 26 prescribed weeks.

Convenience of minimum work hours

In case of personal exigencies, employees can avail 2 hours off in a day, thrice in a month by clocking a minimum of 6 and half hours working during those days.

Special Gift for newborns

We take special pride in welcoming the newborn to the Gmmco family with a special gift.

Career campaigns for women employees

We encourage women employees to take up careers and leadership positions in areas that are domains of male employees.

Paternity leaves

Male employees can avail paternity leave of four days. This can be availed for two children.

Leadership connect

A fortnightly meeting to motivate and engage employees and young talent with the CEO himself.

Safe, Friendly and Inclusive work place

We provide sensitivity training to help create a healthy and progressive work environment.

Developing tech expertise through training

A range of training programmes to build deep technical expertise.

Transparent collaboration

We nurture a culture based on meritocracy, openness, transparency and collaboration.

Leadership development

We encourage early leadership and provide development programmes to fast-track leaders.

New Diversity Practices in Recruitment

recruitment drive

When we look to fill any position, we give the first priority to women.

New skill type
only for women

When it comes to new skills like Credit Managers and other finance positions, we recruit only women professionals.

Targeted technician
talent pipeline building

For the workshop, we have recruited six women in the last months and two for the SOS lab.

Women operator
& technician training

We are targeting to recruit 25 women drivers and technicians as Caterpillar machine Operators and Technicians and employ them.

Fun @ Work

We encourage our employees to have fun at work to harness their energy and creativity.