our customer facing solution, available as app and portal, reflects our commitment to provide the best digital solutions to meet your needs. It brings a host of services at your fingertips, so you can focus on your business. Ordering genuine Cat® parts, recommended parts based on your equipment serial#, viewing current prices & availability, managing your fleet, searching for parts, booking services and tracking orders are now easier than ever. What’s more, the solution also shows parts required for your upcoming preventive maintenance so planning is made easier, so you can plan the replacement / repair accordingly. Now available in 3 languages; Hindi, Tamil and English for your convenience.

The GmmcoAssist App can be downloaded to your mobile device or you can use the GmmcoAssist portal from your laptop/desktop.

Salient features of the App

Salient Benefit 12 Discounts on Parts The app allows you to avail discounted prices on parts as you shop through the catalog. New Gif
Salient Benefit 13 Free of Cost (FOC) Redemption You can view all your existing FOC (Free of Cost) and redeem them against parts orders. This serves as an alternate payment method!
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Salient Benefit 1 End-to-end Parts ordering and payment Ordering parts now easy. Just open the app, select the compatible parts, pay online and you are done.
Salient Benefit 2 View Parts catalog by Serial number Compatible Machine parts arranged with serial numbers not only helps identify parts fasters but also eliminates any error in ordering the parts.
Salient Benefit 3 View Prices of Parts and estimated despatch time With prices of each part mentioned upfront, you can make an informed decision without any worry. The app also indicated the estimated dispatch time so that you can plan better.
Salient Benefit 4 Quotes Raised Offline will be available The app also shows the quotes raised through other channels (offline) making it a seamless experience for you.
Salient Benefit 5 Realtime Order & Shipment Tracking The app integrated with the logistic system to give you the current status of your order and realtime tracking of the shipment.
Salient Benefit 6 Schedule & Plan Services You can schedule and plan service of your equipment well in advance to avoid any major breakdown. This also helps in increasing life of the equipment and improving productivity.
Salient Benefit 7 Raise a Service Request & Track Status The app allows you to raise a service request anytime, anywhere. You can also track the status of your request so that the work can be planned well in advance.
Salient Benefit 8 View Service History You can view you service history on the Go Online App in just few clicks.
Salient Benefit 9 Request for Service Reports & Invoices Anytime The app allows you to place request for service report and invoice from the comfort of your home or office.
Salient Benefit 10 Know and Pay Pending Payments You can not only check your pending payments but also make payments online without having to visit the branch.
Salient Benefit 11 View & Manage Fleet With the Go online app managing your fleet is easier than before. This allows you to keep track of your fleet’s health no matter where you are.

Benefits of the App

Benefit App 1 No more errors when choosing from catalog: The app displays parts compatible with for your equipment as well as the serial numbers. This eliminates the possibility of any error in ordering the parts
Benefit App 2 Manage your scheduled services: With Go Online App, you can manage your equipment’s service online. This helps you maintain the health of your equipment without any downtime.
Benefit App 3 Complete visibility on parts shipment: You can check the current status of your order and track the shipment in realtime allowing you to plan for your maintenance well in advance.
Benefit App 4 Improve your operational efficiency: From ordering parts to scheduling service of you equipment, the Go Online app offers host of service that not only helps you improve efficiency but enhances the productivity of your fleet.

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