Cat Trial 12:No Hands Why would we put our autonomous trucks through a Cat themed obstacle course alongside four-time FIFA World Cup participant DaMarcus Beasley- To show you we mean it when we say our big machines can deliver the agility and precision on site that you'd expect from a world class soccer player on the field! Cat Trial 12: No Hands highlights how the usage of semi-autonomous and autonomous machines can make maneuvering your equipment through the toughest obstacles as easy as DaMarcus Beasley.

  • 1:26

    Excon 2022 - GmmcoCat

  • 56:30:00

    SEM 915 Motor Grader Digital Launch

  • 39:18:00

    Cat Next Gen Excavators Day

  • 1:31:49

    Cat® 320D3 Hydraulic Excavator Launch Event

  • 3:27

    Cat Built for It - Creating a Lifeline (Hindi)

  • 1:00

    Welcome To The Age of Smart Iron

  • 3:08

    Cat Built for It - Quenching Thirst (Hindi)

  • 4:48

    Cat Built for It - Spreading Joy (Hindi)

  • 3:48

    Cat Built for It - Building Toilets (Hindi)

  • 4:27

    Cat Built for It - Providing Privacy (Hindi)

  • 2:02

    Cat Built for It - Lantern Festival

  • 3:51

    The Cat Rental Store

  • 2:48

    Built For It