Junttan Rigs
and Hammers

As a pioneer and market leader in pile driving technology, Junttan Oy designs and manufactures the most advanced hydraulic piling equipment. The company developed the world's first fully hydraulic piling machine in 1976 and since then, has been at the forefront of development of hydraulic piling machinery.

Gmmco has partnered with Junttan to provide its world-class products in India. Junttan product development process involves collaboration with piling contractors from around the world, to produce ingenious solutions that deliver quality, reliability and performance under any condition in a cost-effective and environment-friendly manner. This has made Junttan piling equipment a reputed brand in over 45 countries across the globe.


Gmmco brings the world’s leading piling rigs and hammers from Junttan Oy to India. Customers across Indian region can now own this modern marvel and set new standards of efficiency on ground.

Pile Driving Rigs


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Comprehensive support and services to keep you going

Providing world-class solution is just a beginning. We at Gmmco go that extra mile in ensuring timely and efficient support services for the machine or equipment you have purchased. This is why we have introduced GmmcoAssist – a multi-functional service designed to support you in many ways that increases the uptime, thus improving efficiency.