Galaxy VX

Scalable, flexible power protection that meets your business objectives.

Highly efficient, scalable, three-phase power protection from 1000 kW to 1500 kW, with flexible operating modes and ECOnversion, for large facilities, data centers, and industrial applications.


3 Phase Galaxy VX

  • 3 Phase Galaxy VX 160kVA
  • 3 Phase Galaxy VX 200kVA
  • 3 Phase Galaxy VX 750kVA
  • 3 Phase Galaxy VX 1000kVA
  • 3 Phase Galaxy VX 1250kVA
  • 3 Phase Galaxy VX 1500kVA


  • 4 Level IGBT transformer-less topology
  • Modular Constructional with Bus bar connections & Low MTTR
  • UPS performance test without need for a load
  • >99% input power factor correction and < 3% input harmonic reduction
  • Modular, scalable, and redundant configurations, to adapt to real facility needs
  • Color touch-screen display with a separate mimic diagram
  • Integrated parallel capability with N+1 configurations
  • Built-in integrated and tested backfeed protection for human safety and compliance
  • Parallel capability to increase multiple UPS systems for for capacity (3MW N+0) or redundancy (3MW N+1)
  • High Life of Capacitors & 100% redundant hot swappable DC Fans
  • Top & Bottom cable entry
  • Compatible with VRLA and LIB batteries


  • Innovative four-level inverter reduces losses and component stress, leading to higher efficiency and component reliability
  • Ultra high efficiency up to 99% in ECOnversion mode
  • Configurable internal redundancy provides a fault-tolerant design
  • Fully rated system with KVA=KW
  • Genset compliant with adaptive ramp-in
  • The power factor correction and harmonics filtering at input eliminates oversizing
  • Modular fault-tolerant power blocks reduce mean time to repair
  • A 110% continuous-duty static switch provides robust overload capabilities