Motor Grader

The SEM919 Motor Grader helps you get the job done efficiently and speedily whether you are looking for leveling performance, fine grading, spreading, earthmoving, clearing debris and brush, removing snow, finishing a slope or digging a ditch.

The 919 comes with a host of features including a large cab mounted on the front frame for an exceptional view to the blade and front axle even during articulation, load-sensing hydraulics for precise blade movements and an A-frame drawbar that provides strength in all blade positions that make it a must-have for all your construction, road laying and related requirements.

  • Low speed engine with hydraulic-fan mounted at the rear ensuring better heat exchange and isolating operator cabin from the heat
  • Proportional, Priority, Pressure-Compensated (PPPC) hydraulic system, provides simultaneous and efficient implement operations without increased fuel consumption
  • Load sensing piston pump ensures implements operation at even lower engine speeds, saving fuel by 5-8%
  • In-house manufactured maintenance-free tandem axles
  • AC cabin with improved visibility and adjustable consoles
  • Safe ingress ensured for all service access areas
  • Box type rigid and durable heavy duty structure frame
  • Operating weight - 15,070 kg
  • Rated Power – 188 hp
  • Engine – Shanchai Stage III
  • Mold Board - 12’ Blade

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