The Schneider Electric (Lithium-ion) battery solution for three-phase UPSs is a high-value, innovative energy storage protection solution for data centers, industrial processes, and critical infrastructure. The Li-ion battery solution significantly reduces battery footprint and weight to allow more effective use of space. It also doubles battery life and simplifies maintenance compared to traditional batteries. The higher operating temperature reduces cooling requirements, and the included battery management system improves backup storage predictability and manageability, which reduces total cost of ownership.



  • Top safety technology - Multilayer protection (cell level, module level, rack level and system level)
  • High energy and power density: 33kWh and upto 200kW per rack
  • Backup time from 5 min to 30+ min
  • 15 years design life


  • Significantly reduced battery footprint and weight to allow for a more effective use of space
  • Double the life and simplified maintenance vs. traditional batteries
  • Reduced cooling requirements
  • Improved backup storage predictability and manageability (BMS included)
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)