Easy 3M

The Schneider Electric Easy UPS 3M, part of the 3 phase Easy UPS series, is an easy-to-install, easy-to-connect, easy-to-use, and easy-to-service 60-200kVA 3 phase UPS ideal for small and medium data centers and other business critical applications. Easy UPS 3M supplies power stability and long-lasting performance with advanced product features, robust electrical specifications and compact design to ensure your business continuity. Designed for fast and easy installation in the data center or electrical room, this EcoStruxure-ready UPS features a wide operating temperature window and strong overload protection, all in a lightweight footprint. With its exceptional combination of low Total Cost of Ownership, competitive specifications, and ease of use, the Schneider Electric Easy UPS 3M is the easy choice for your business continuity in the data center or electrical room. Start-up service is included to optimize your system’s performance, quality, and safety.


3 Phase Easy 3M

  • 3 Phase Easy 3M 60 kVA
  • 3 Phase Easy 3M 80 kVA
  • 3 Phase Easy 3M 100 kVA
  • 3 Phase Easy 3M 120 kVA
  • 3 Phase Easy 3M 160 kVA
  • 3 Phase Easy 3M 200 kVA


  • Three level inverter design with transformer-less topology
  • UPS performance test without need for a load
  • >99% input power factor correction and <3% input harmonic reduction
  • Flexibility for wider application : Breaker box/kit, empty battery cubic for long autonomy
  • SNMP / Modbus TCP/IP / Dry contact for connectivity
  • Built in input/output/bypass breaker
  • Less system complexity and CapEx investment plus saving on footprint
  • Parallel UPSs for capacity or redundancy upto 6 UPSes
  • Capacity bank design of 10 years


  • Optimize efficiency:
    • Double Conversion Mode - up to 95.5%(even from 25% load)
    • ECO Mode - 99%
  • Unity power factor kW = kVA
  • Ensures best performance even in harsh environments
  • Common battery bank: Redundant UPS(1+1) can share the same battery bank, reducing battery costs
  • Robustness against harsh environment:
  • Conformal coating on PCBA, Includes replaceable dust filter, 60 s 150 overload, 10 min 125 overload, Operating temperature up to 40 C, Rodent protection
  • Easy service :
    • Easy front/top access for service, Reparation @ PCBA level
    • Independent UPS Tuner interface
    • LCM indication built in
  • High overload capacity (125% for 10 mins; 150% for 60 sec)