Application Engineering

With increasing emphasis on world-wide standardisation, particularly of Genset Package, Industrial, Construction and Farm machinery models, giving manufacturers flexibility to ship machines and parts between different areas of the world, it is strongly recommended that OE systems are designed and integrated suitably with Perkins Engines so that machines may operate anywhere in the Globe with optimum performance and utilization of the machine which it is built for.

Application Engineering team of Gmmco Power supports the OEM in Design, assembly and testing of new product, evaluate the performance and help release effective equipment to the market.

Installation Appraisal are done by Gmmco Power to ensure that the requirements set out by Perkins are met by the engine installer. This ensures that the engine will give satisfactory service and that failures may not result from incorrect Equipment Design & Installation








oem Equipment Sign Off

Install excellent Perkins Equipment & Evaluate quality status

Virtual Inspection, modification to carry out within allowable time & spec.

Shape the Product as class leader / excel. Strive for ZERO errors!

Create Process Owner in GP / OEM Project Team with Target time frame

Joint Inspection / Supporting Engineering team / Quarterly meeting. Plan / Load test Timely completion

Application & Integration
Application Integration
Application Process
Application Process