Schneider Electric - Busway

Known for its superior technology, Schneider comes with more than 50 years of experience in the business of power transmission products. With thousands of installations in operation throughout the world, the company has sold more than 90,000 km of busway around the world. Sandwich type busways offered by Schneider ensure a compact and safer solution for power transmission. Gmmco’s team works with you to understand your requirement and provide the perfect solution.

Why Busway ?

Cable Busway
Long time to install + High installation cost Quick installation + Lower installation cost
Not very flexible (High cost to modify) Good flexibility (Easy to modify)
High voltage drop across the length due to multiple runs Lower voltage drop than cables as low insulation material is required
More space required for running cables in the building Lesser space required, compact system
Termination is complicated and bulky Easy termination
High damage in case of fire Better safety against fire and rodents
Lower fault withstand level: limited by conductor size Higher fault withstand level: safer in case of electric fault

Key Features

Bimetal Cladding Technology

The aluminum busway is provided with copper contacts and the copper busway is provided with silver contacts to ensure smooth flow of current. The joint is the most critical part of transmission, and the Bimetal Technology ensures that joints are robust and safer.

Key Benefits

  • Lower voltage drop and power loss
  • High conductivity
  • Minimum contact resistance due to increased surface area
  • Low heat generation: Higher safety, reliability and durability

Class B (Mylar) Insulation Material

  • Best-in-class insulation material
  • Quality and performance guaranteed by both Square D and DuPont
  • Excellent dielectric performance
  • No air gap or ingress of water
  • Over 40 years of installations still in use (Full loading)

Joint Pak and Double-headed Bolt

  • Single Bolt makes installation faster
  • Small contact resistance due to larger contact area
  • Visual torque indication
  • No need of torque tool

Certifications & Compliance

  • Fully type tested in accordance with IEC 61439
  • Product and production location under surveillance of KEMA / ASTA
  • Seismic Compliance to UBC zone 4

Integral Earth

  • Schneider Busway comes with integral earth: no separate earthing is required
  • Made of Electrical Grade Aluminum: Aluminum Bar is light weight and anti-corrosive
  • More cross-sectional area: lower resistance and higher safety
  • Easy installation

Product Range

Sandwich type busway with range covering from 20 Amps to 6300 Amps, entire range is available in both Copper and Aluminum variants.

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